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A.J. Cook’s Not So Criminal Diet Plan

When you catch psychopathic killers for a living, it’s important to stay in shape. Even if it’s just a TV job. A.J. Cook plays the perennially calm and collected J.J. on “Criminal Minds,” but she was positively brimming with excitement when she discussed her successful weight loss. While pregnant with her son, Mekhai, [...]

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Carrie Fisher Lost Half Of A Supermodel

In an advertisement for her preferred weight loss program, former “Star Wars” princess Carrie Fisher proclaimed that her 50-pound weight loss equals “half a supermodel.”* In previous years, Carrie Fisher was known as the skinny woman who famously donned a metal bikini in “Star Wars.” Despite weighing a mere 105 pounds when she [...]

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Karolina Kurkova’s Supermodel Diet

Ever wonder how supermodels stay in such great shape? Some of them do indeed starve themselves (we’re looking at you, Adriana Lima). Others, like Miranda Kerr, develop close, personal relationships with their blenders, consuming a significant portion of their calories through juiced foods. Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karolina Kurkova also enjoys juicing, but she [...]

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Jenny McCarthy Lost 60 Lbs. After Pregnancy

Jenny McCarthy takes her career to the extremes. She started out as a Playboy Playmate and later added to her fame by publicizing her extreme mothering activities. (Jenny’s son Evan is autistic, and she’s made a lifestyle out of advocating for autism awareness.) In addition to publishing multiple books on the topic, Jenny [...]

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