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A.J. Cook’s Not So Criminal Diet Plan

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AJ Cook Wears White Dress on Red Carpet

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When you catch psychopathic killers for a living, it’s important to stay in shape. Even if it’s just a TV job. A.J. Cook plays the perennially calm and collected J.J. on “Criminal Minds,” but she was positively brimming with excitement when she discussed her successful weight loss. While pregnant with her son, Mekhai, A.J. Cook gained 40 pounds at the same time that she was playing an FBI agent on national TV. Despite working crazy hours on the show, A.J. was determined to fit in time to exercise and eat healthy foods to regain her pre-pregnancy body. Read More

Jerry Ferrara Isn’t So Turtle-ish Anymore

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Jerry Ferrara Shows Off Weight Loss

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As the driver on “Entourage,” Jerry Ferrara’s character, Turtle, gets to hang out and party with the actors. Throughout the first five years of “Entourage,” Jerry Ferrara’s character was a little hefty – hence, the name Turtle. Ferrara forced the producers to change the show up a little when he walked into the production office one day, 20 pounds lighter. Ferrara recounted that “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin actually yelled at him for his weight loss, saying, “What the (heck) were you thinking? You couldn’t wait one more year? This is going to be so jarring!”* Read More

Robin Quivers Is A Glutton For Punishment

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Robin Quivers Shows off Marathon Medal

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As a radio personality, Robin Quivers probably wasn’t under as much pressure to lose her extra pounds as a celeb on TV would have been. Yet Howard Stern’s trusty sidekick decided to starve herself anyway. Robin Quivers ranted about the drawbacks of weight loss surgery, but thought nothing of shunning solid food for 21 consecutive days. Apparently Robin just really enjoys depriving herself of the basic necessities of life, because she has since repeated her favorite “cleansing diet” at least twice. Read More

Carrie Fisher Lost Half Of A Supermodel

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Carrie Fisher Smiles for the Camera

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In an advertisement for her preferred weight loss program, former “Star Wars” princess Carrie Fisher proclaimed that her 50-pound weight loss equals “half a supermodel.”* In previous years, Carrie Fisher was known as the skinny woman who famously donned a metal bikini in “Star Wars.” Despite weighing a mere 105 pounds when she took on the role, Carrie Fisher was told to lose another 10 pounds to fit into the costumes. She resisted the idea, but it’s no wonder that Princess Leia looked so exhausted sitting next to Jabba the Hut. Read More

Karolina Kurkova’s Supermodel Diet

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Karolina Kurkova with Wavy Hair

Image source: stylebistro.com

Ever wonder how supermodels stay in such great shape? Some of them do indeed starve themselves (we’re looking at you, Adriana Lima). Others, like Miranda Kerr, develop close, personal relationships with their blenders, consuming a significant portion of their calories through juiced foods. Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karolina Kurkova also enjoys juicing, but she intersperses it with small meals and snacks throughout the day. Read More

Katie Couric’s Involuntary Airbrushing Diet

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Katie Couric Smiles on the Red Carpet

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Katie Couric made a splash in the broadcasting world when she became the first female correspondent to be the solo anchor of an evening news program. She worked on “CBS Evening News” for five years. When she returned to ABC, Katie Couric interviewed notables like Sarah Jessica Parker. Katie Couric has always encouraged a strong presence of health-related topics in her reporting, and she is also personally health conscious. So it was a surprise when CBS copped to airbrushing the already svelte news anchor. Read More

Chaz Bono’s Diet for “Dancing With The Stars”

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Chaz Bono on the Red Carpet

Image source: articles.nydailynews.com

Chaz Bono first appeared on TV on his parents’ variety show, but his fame skyrocketed after it was announced that he would be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite the controversial uproar over being the show’s first transgender contestant, Chaz Bono went ahead gamely with the competition, making it all the way to week six. More importantly, “Dancing with the Stars” was the impetus Chaz needed to lose weight and get healthier. Read More

Jenny McCarthy Lost 60 Lbs. After Pregnancy

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Jenny McCarthy with Short Hair

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Jenny McCarthy takes her career to the extremes. She started out as a Playboy Playmate and later added to her fame by publicizing her extreme mothering activities. (Jenny’s son Evan is autistic, and she’s made a lifestyle out of advocating for autism awareness.) In addition to publishing multiple books on the topic, Jenny McCarthy also stars in “In the Motherhood” alongside Chelsea Handler and Leah Remini. Read More

Jared Leto Liquefies His Ice Cream

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Jared Leto on Stage with 30 Seconds to mars

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Jared Leto’s been a busy guy. In addition to performing with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, and starring in hit movies like “Lord of War,” Jared Leto manages to find time to volunteer for various charities, like working on a house for Habitat for Humanity. In the midst of all this work, Leto found the time to rapidly gain and then lose 60 pounds. On purpose. Read More

How Alison Sweeney Gained Control Over Her Weight

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Alison Sweeney Wearing Black and White Dress

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Alison Sweeney struggled with her weight for much of her career. When Alison played Sammi Brady on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” she worked with beautiful, stick-thin actresses. Alison constantly compared herself to them and it made her “insecure and self-conscious,”* according to her. At the time, she didn’t know much about the basics of good nutrition. She worked 12-hour days and when she needed a quick energy fix, Alison reached for a sugary treat. Read More