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weight loss meal plans New York, NY

weight loss meal plans New York, NY | 9 Meals to Stock Your Freezer With Right Now

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9 Meals to Stock Your Freezer With Right Now

It’s been a long day and all you can think about is that pizza in your freezer. Or the takeout menus. This is where meal planning as a weight loss strategy comes in handy. Planning out healthy, low-cal meals ahead of time can help you stick to your diet. It’s also helpful to have quick “emergency” meals and ingredients in your freezer, like frozen fish fillets (un-breaded), veggie burgers, and even lemon zest, which you can use as a flavoring to avoid the use of heavy sauces. If you have extra time on the weekends, make a big batch of three-bean soup and freeze in separate portion-sized containers for the following week. Check out these 9 weight loss friendly meals you should keep stocked in your freezer, weight loss meal plans New York, NY.

weight loss meal plans New York, NY

Veggie Burgers (Check the label and make sure there are actually veggies in them)

Pita Bread (Thaw and stuff with veggies and chicken for a quick, healthy dinner)

Fish Fillets (Pink and Charlotte Church both enjoy fish paired with salad on their diets)

Frozen Vegetables (Use in quick stir-fries or drizzle with olive oil and roast)

Edamame (Eat for a snack or add to casseroles and soups)

Grated Lemon Zest (Freeze on a tray, then store in container in freezer)

Fruit (Select bags of pre-frozen fruit for smoothies, like mangoes, berries, and peaches)

Fudgsicles (Most are under 100 calories good way to satisfy a sweet tooth)

Frozen Yogurt (Not all brands are created equally read nutrition labels to make sure it really is more diet-friendly than ice cream)

A Good Oil Is Hard to Find

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Actually, it isn’t. Your supermarket’s shelves are overloaded with heart-healthy oils. You just have to find the right ones. A good oil contains way more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (MUFAs and PUFAs) than saturated fats. Aim for a higher percentage of MUFAs than PUFAs as a general rule of thumb. The following heart-healthy oils are suitable for use while cooking (not all oils are). They have a high smoke point, which means that they can be heated up to higher temperatures without starting to produce harmful free radicals. Before you select your favorite oil, consider your food history. If you tend to force broccoli to swim in gobs of olive oil, try using another oil more sparingly, such as avocado.

Olive Oil (The king of heart-healthy oils; select extra-virgin for polyphenols)

Sunflower Oil (Find a brand that advertises “high-oleic” for more MUFAs)

Almond Oil (Lots of MUFAs, low in saturated fat)

Avocado Oil (Drizzle it on salads for a heart-healthy dressing)

Hazelnut Oil (Contains 82% MUFAs, 11% PUFAs)

Canola Oil (Use for stir fries if you run out of olive oil)

Peanut Oil (46% MUFAs, 32% PUFAs)

Weight Loss Doctor for women New York, NY

Weight Loss Doctor for women New York, NY | Which Milk Is Best For You?

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Which Milk Is Best For You?

It ain’t your mother’s supermarket anymore. These days, there are cartons upon cartons of different types of milk—from plain old 2% cow’s milk to nut milks and even rice milks to cater to every possible gastrointestinal sensitivity. So how does your favorite measure up? When you check your beverage’s nutritional label, examine the fat content as well as the total calories per serving. Different milks also have different nutritional bonuses like varying amounts of calcium, potassium, and fiber. Choose the best one for your nutritional needs. If you’re lactose intolerant, steer away from goat’s milk. Also, watch out for flavored milks as these tend to have much higher amounts of sugar and calories, Weight Loss Doctor for women New York, NY

Weight Loss Doctor for women New York, NY

Coconut Milk (552 calories per cup and over 50 g fat 44 g saturated fat)

Goat’s Milk (169 calories per cup with 10 g total fat but it’s got a ton of calcium)

Oat Milk (130 calories per cup, no saturated fat, 24 g carbohydrates, 19 g sugar)

Cow’s Milk – 2% (122 calories per cup with 5 g fat and 8 g protein)

Rice Milk (120 calories per cup with zero saturated fat, but almost no protein)

Hemp Milk (110 calories per cup, 5 g protein, lots of iron)

Cow’s Milk – 1% (105 calories and about half the fat of 2% milk)

Soy Milk (100 calories per cup with 7 g protein but soy can interfere with mineral absorption)

Cow’s Milk – Skim (90 calories and negligible amounts of fat)

Almond Milk (60 calories per cup, no saturated fat, 1 g protein)

Here’s How Jason Statham Kicked His Extra Pounds to the Curb

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Jason Statham isn’t really known for pussyfooting around topics. The action movie star told “Men’s Health” in an interview that he “never gave a (expletive) about a calorie.”* After all, he’s accustomed to intense physical training for his movies, and something’s gotta fuel all that wushu staff fighting, right?

Until it all ended up around his middle. When he looked at photographs of himself, he admitted that he looked “a bit lardy.”* So he got his act together and started eating a low-fat diet complemented by some hardcore exercise. The end result? Jason Statham lost 17 lbs. in a mere six weeks, and he didn’t get there by living on rice cakes.

The “Transporter” star learned the hard way that if you eat more calories than you burn, you’re gonna gain weight. So, Statham approached his diet like the characters he plays approach their mortal enemies: with an attack plan. His new food strategies shuffled all of the carbohydrates to the afternoon or earlier. Statham also avoided eating anything with added sugar, and replaced those foods with healthier fresh fruit.

A typical daily diet for Jason Statham begins with fresh fruit and oatmeal, depending on his location. When he’s in his native England, he prefers granola or porridge, but when he’s in California, he enjoys produce like pineapples and strawberries. Sometimes he eats poached eggs for breakfast.

For lunch, Statham enjoys steamed vegetables with brown rice, or he might feast on miso soup. He prefers getting the bulk of his protein with his evening meal, typically fish, lean beef, or chicken. He also eats a salad or assorted vegetables for dinner. Throughout the day, Statham drinks a ton of water and snacks on high-protein stuff like peanut butter. No word on whether the peanut butter is paired with some crackers. Maybe he just dips a finger in the jar?

Jason Statham’s workout is constantly evolving, often depending on whichever movie he’s training for. This guy is a fitness fanatic. He’s infatuated with mixed martial arts, and is also a fan of using your own body weight for circuit training, with moves like burpees and tuck jumps. He runs, he swims, and he slings around kettlebells.

One thing Statham has no patience for is long workouts; they’re useless, in his opinion. When he was on a quest to lose his 17 lbs., he worked out no longer than 35 minutes a day, six days per week. Instead, Statham’s philosophy applies blitzkrieg to the gym; an extremely intense, fast workout gets better results than one that involves meandering around a track for an hour or two. Jason also prefers practical workouts. Instead of pumping iron, he’d rather beat up a punching bag.

*Source: Men’s Health

Jason Statham Sample Daily Diet Plan
Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit
Lunch: Steamed vegetables over brown rice
Snack: Peanut butter
Dinner: Fish with salad

healthy weight loss program in New York, NY

Healthy weight loss program in New York, NY | These Are The 9 Best Foods To Eat After a Work-Out

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These Are The 9 Best Foods To Eat After a Work-Out

The foods that you eat  both before and after a workout have a significant impact on your performance. If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid starving yourself before or after working out. Instead, provide your body with the right type of fuel to feed your muscles and maintain good blood circulation. After your workout, eat a snack or a light meal that consists of a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats.According to “Fitness” magazine, eating “carbs and protein together (results in) a better response to post-workout recovery.”

Healthy weight loss program in New York, NY

Check out my list of the best 9 foods to eat after you sweat to help achieve your weight-loss goals.

1. Oatmeal (Carbohydrates replace glycogen)

2. Turkey Sandwich (Use whole grain bread)

3. Protein Shake (Select a brand with 10 to 20 g of protein and 14 g of carbohydrates)

4. Chocolate Milk (Contains protein, carbs, and fats)

5. Banana (Spread lightly with peanut butter for protein)

6. Hummus and Pita Chips (Ashley Tisdale loves snacking on hummus)

7. Tuna (Spread on whole grain bread)

8. Greek Yogurt (Katie Couric eats this for breakfast  add some fruit for carbs)

9. Eggs (Add a slice of whole grain toast for carbs)

These Foods Will Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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If you’re an insomniac, try hooking your brain up with some serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that can help you sleep. The combination of tryptophan, an amino acid, and insulin can help release serotonin, which may help you fall asleep. Tryptophan is typically found in protein sources, but protein tends to wake you up. That’s why you also need to eat carbohydrates so that your body releases insulin, which clears away all amino acids except for tryptophan. Confused yet? Just remember to combine protein and carbs in a light snack about an hour before bedtime. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and more likely to hop on the treadmill for your morning workout.

Greek Yogurt
Contains protein and carbs, plus calcium helps the body use tryptophan.

Make a small bowl with milk for protein.

Contains protein and carbs.

Add a light layer of peanut butter.

Jordin Sparks often eats a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Contain melatonin select tart, not sweet cherries.

Contains magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies may lead to sleep problems.

Select whole grain and spread with peanut butter.

Warm milk
Contains tryptophan.

Cottage cheese
Contains more tryptophan than milk.

Can Coconut Water Help You Lose Weight?

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Coconut water has been a health craze in Hollywood with staying power. Celebs of every stripe are often seen drinking this beverage that often termed, ‘nature’s Gatorade.’ Coconut water is exactly what the name implies: liquid taken from the inside of green coconuts. So is this stuff really healthy or does everyone just drink it because it reminds them of a tropical paradise?

Coconut water does indeed offer more nutrients than plain water. It contains antioxidants and a small amount of protein. Coconut water also offers electrolytes, including calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium, and negligible amounts of amino acids. Most importantly, coconut water contains an impressive amount of potassium, which is good for replenishing the muscles after a workout. It’s also a low-calorie, zero-fat food. However, serious athletes (those who exercise intensely for at least an hour or longer) should stick with low-sugar sports drinks. Coconut water just doesn’t contain enough protein to offer serious post-workout benefits. (It contains less than 2 g per 8-oz. serving.)

However, as a weight loss aid, coconut water can provide a more nutritious, low-cal alternative to sugary sodas and juices. Actress Emily Deschanel enjoys making smoothies with coconut water, while Rosario Dawson counts it among her favorite beverages.

Can Spirulina Help Improve Your Mood?

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The word “spirulina” might sound like a cool flying maneuver by a stealth plane, but spirulina is actually a microscopic blue-green algae. While most people probably wouldn’t put algae on the top of their lists of favorite comfort foods, it may be comforting to know that this little algae is a good source of vitamin B12, which may help ward off depression. Vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to depression. Vegetarians, vegans, and others with restrictive diets can use spirulina to fill their nutritional gaps.

Spirulina is composed of about 62 percent amino acids. It is a complete form of protein that is often taken as a nutritional supplement. Spirulina also offers a wealth of B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium, manganese, beta-carotene, and the essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid. Spirulina may help boost the immune system and protect against allergy attacks; however, more research is needed in these areas.

Those with medical conditions and those taking any medications should consult a doctor before using spirulina. You can take spirulina in the form of a tablet, or mimic actress Maggie Q and add spirulina powder to smoothies, along with barley milk.

Eat These Low Calorie Foods to Stay Full 

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We all know the basic tenets of healthy weight loss diet and exercise. However, your weight loss plan is much more likely to succeed if you focus on eating low-cal foods that make you feel full for a longer period of time. In general, choose bulky foods like kale and leafy green lettuce to fill your stomach without adding a lot of calories. You can also use foods that naturally help suppress your appetite. Bypass the over-the-counter diet drugs and instead choose natural appetite suppressants like apples, chili peppers, and green tea.

Apples (They contain pectin to stabilize blood sugar levels)

Oatmeal (Select old-fashioned variety, not instant)

Pine nuts (They contain pinolenic acid for appetite suppression)

Flaxseeds (Sprinkle them on oatmeal like Blake Lively)

Vegetable soup (Select broth-based and drink a cup before dinner to prevent overeating)

Bran (Sprinkle 2 tbsp. on your morning cereal to suppress hunger)

Green tea (Suppresses hunger AND stimulates your metabolism)

Red wine vinegar (Sprinkle on a salad)

Pears (High water content equals fewer calories, but still satisfies hunger)

Chili peppers (Contain capsaicin for appetite suppression)

Eat These 8 Foods to Fight Your Cold

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So you’ve made the commitment to work out three to four times per week to drop those last few pounds. But there’s a nasty bug going around at work and you’ve caught it. It’s hard to work out when you’re constantly reaching for the tissues and having trouble breathing. If you’re sick of force-feeding yourself gallons of orange juice for the vitamin C, try these healthy, immune-boosting foods instead to get you back on the treadmill faster. Eating whole foods like these will also boost your energy levels so you don’t have to rely on pot after pot of coffee.
Cayenne pepper (Eases congestion)
Garlic (Crush or chop it and let it sit for a few minutes)
Bananas (Contain vitamin B6 to combat infections)
Sweet potatoes (Beta-carotene is used to make white blood cells)
Kiwi (Contains vitamin C)
Mushrooms (Beta-glucan supports the immune system)
Green tea (Make it with honey to soothe a sore throat)
Chicken soup (It really does work – Jodie Sweetin eats it for lunch)