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Barack Obama’s Presidential Diet

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Michelle Obama’s campaign to end childhood obesity has made national headlines. So has the First Family’s affinity for junk food. They’ve been photographed eating everything from ice cream to chili dogs. The press, it seems, can’t get enough of the Obamas’ eating habits. Despite preaching fresh garden goodness, it’s well known that the president’s favorite food is fried chicken and that Mrs. Obama isn’t above sampling the occasional burger and fries. So just how is one to reconcile these two very different types of eating habits?

When we dug a little further, we realized that Obama was most often photographed eating junk food on the campaign trail. This contrasts sharply with his “private” eating habits in the White House. In all likelihood, he ate all those donuts, cheeseburgers, and pork chops (his favorites are brined in cinnamon, salt, and sugar) because he was trying to connect with the average Joe. Since being elected and re-elected, however, he isn’t shy about chowing down on some arugula.

Aside from his desire to be photographed eating snow cones, the president does indeed appear to have a healthy approach to meal planning overall. He prefers water to soda and Dijon mustard instead of fattening mayonnaise. While Obama isn’t a big fan of asparagus, he will eat it in a pinch if his favorite veggies (broccoli and spinach) aren’t available.

In the past, Barack Obama has admitted to cooking omelets for his family. This is an admirable breakfast choice, particularly if it’s made with veggies like spinach and mushrooms, and paired with a slice of whole grain toast. And instead of buttering your toast, try an avocado spread.

Barack Obama often reaches for a roasted peanut protein bar between meals to curb his hunger. Healthier snacks that he’s been photographed with include an array of fresh fruits like grapes, bananas, and oranges, as well as a platter of cheese and crackers (presumably whole grain) with pear slices.

When Barack Obama has a craving for comfort food, he might eat chili dogs for lunch. Otherwise, he’ll likely reach for some healthier fare like tilapia and veggies. For dinner, Obama might eat salmon or he might make chili. Fortunately, Obama’s chili recipe appears to call for ground turkey as a substitute for ground beef. It also includes kidney beans, a lean source of protein, and a green bell pepper. We’d recommend using a red pepper instead for a greater amount of antioxidants. We’d also recommend adding some barley—this diet is in dire need of some heart-healthy whole grains!

Barack Obama is well known as a sports buff. He particularly enjoys playing basketball. Obama tries to work out at least six days per week for at least 45 minutes. He alternates doing weightlifting with cardio routines.

Barack Obama Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Omelet
  • Snack: Fresh fruit
  • Lunch: Tilapia & broccoli
  • Dinner: Turkey chili
Weight Loss program New York, NY

Weight Loss program New York, NY | How To Lose Weight Safely While Breastfeeding

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How To Lose Weight Safely While Breastfeeding

Mothers who breastfeed should never attempt to drastically cut calories or otherwise have a restricted diet. Your body will burn about 500 calories a day just by breastfeeding. Plus, giving birth and taking care of a newborn requires a TON of energy. Before attempting to lose weight while breastfeeding, consult your doctor. A reduced-calorie diet can limit the amount of milk your baby will get. That said, it is certainly possible to lose weight safely while breastfeeding—just do it gradually. Eat a varied diet with plenty of fresh produce, complex carbs, and lean proteins. Buy organic whenever possible to limit the amount of pesticides in your food, Weight Loss program New York, NY

Weight Loss program in New York, NY

Check out these 9 foods that may help you lose weight but won’t put you or your baby in danger while breastfeeding.

1. Soy Milk (Some babies have a sensitivity to cow’s milk)

2. Almond Milk (Another good alternative to cow’s milk)

3. Fresh Fruit (Eat plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day  your body needs the energy)

4. Water (Drink a minimum of 8 oz. after every time you nurse)

5. Brown Rice (This and other whole grains provide long-lasting energy)

6. Salmon (Choose unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats)

7. Avocados (Spread on whole grain toast for a midmorning snack)

8. Asparagus (Tends to have a lower level of pesticides)

9. Cabbage (Also tends to retain fewer pesticides)


The best weight loss program in New York, NY

The best weight loss program in New York, NY | How To Avoid Gaining Back The Weight You Lost

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How To Avoid Gaining Back The Weight You Lost

Rebound weight gain refers to weight gain that occurs directly after a dieter has lost weight and subsequently changed his meal plan or stopped a diet. Dieters often express frustration that they gained back all the weight they lost, and then some. Rebound weight gain is almost inevitable when you embark on a starvation diet or other fad diet, such as the Israeli Army Diet. 50 Cent gained quite a bit of weight back after using the Master Cleanse diet—another starvation diet, The best weight loss program in New York, NY.

The best weight loss program in New York, NY

But you don’t necessarily have to starve yourself on a diet in order to experience rebound weight gain. Those who take in a reasonable amount of calories on a low-carb diet or a diet that cuts out entire food groups are also susceptible to gaining back all the weight that they lost.

In some cases, the gained weight is due to water retention. Much of the time, dieters simply revel in eating their favorite foods again after a diet is over, leading to excessive calorie consumption. Preventing rebound weight gain is simple. Instead of using a potentially dangerous fad diet, make permanent, healthy changes to your diet and exercise habits. Use meal planning as a strategy to prevent overeating. Use healthy food swaps to cut excess calories out of your diet without depriving yourself of tasty foods. Incorporate muscle-building exercises into your workout routine; the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be. And don’t beat yourself up if you do gain back a couple of pounds. Just focus on moving forward with your new plan for healthy living.

Diet Program in New York, NY

Diet Program New York, NY | 10 Best Foods To Add To Your Diet If You’re Lactose Intolerant

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10 Best Foods To Add To Your Diet If You’re Lactose Intolerant

Many weight loss diets advise you to switch to low-fat or nonfat dairy products to cut calories out of your diet. If you’re lactose intolerant, you’re already avoiding these products (or you’re risking gastrointestinal distress). Dairy products do contain important nutrients that your body needs, like calcium and vitamin D. When you devise your weight loss meal plan, make sure you include non-dairy sources of these key nutrients for optimum health. Most people should get at least 1,000 mg of calcium daily, or at least 1,200 mg if you’re a woman over 50 or a man over 70, Diet Program New York, NY

Diet Program New York, NY

If you’re lactose intolerant and looking to make up for what you miss by cutting out milk, check out these 10 foods which could help you get key nutrients often found in dairy.

1. Eggs (Provide vitamin D. Eat the whole egg, but don’t add any milk)

2. Orange Juice (Choose a low-sugar brand fortified with calcium and vitamin D)

3. Collard Greens (357 mg calcium per cup, boiled)

4. Oatmeal (Actress Sophia Bush loves oatmeal)

5. Blackstrap Molasses (172 mg per tbsp.  add to oatmeal)

6. Kale (1 cup cooked kale has 93 mg calcium)

7. Soy Milk (Choose a brand fortified with calcium)

8. Spinach (130 mg calcium in 1/2 cup, cooked)

9. Black Beans (120 mg calcium in 1 cup)

10. Oysters (Just 3 oz. contains 80 mg calcium)

Why Juice Cleanses Just Don’t Make Sense

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In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Lauren Graham once revealed how a crash diet she was on left her feeling giddy and slightly batty. On a starvation diet masquerading as a juice cleanse, Lauren Graham at times had trouble finding the right words, rarely stopped laughing, and sometimes seemed a bit hysterical.

Hopefully Lauren Graham, who will be reprising her role as Laurelai Gilmore on Netflix’s The Gilmore Girls, won’t be repeating her detox diet anytime soon. It’s hard to remember your lines when all you can think about is chowing down on a greasy, cheesy pizza. On Lauren Graham’s detox diet, she was supposed to drink a juice concoction several times a day, and avoid solid food altogether. Like most sane people. however, when Lauren got very hungry, she decided to eat some actual food anyway.

The theory behind this crash diet is that the human body becomes clogged up with toxins from the environment, pesticides, sugar, etc. But according to some medical experts, the body already eliminates toxins with the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. As one internal medicine specialist put it, there’s simply no proof that a detox diet is actually necessary for ridding the body of toxins, because the body does this already. Not to mention the fact that starvation diets result in a loss of water weight, not fat, which will be regained as soon as the dieter discontinues the diet.

When Lauren Graham isn’t driving herself crazy by fasting on juice, she actually eats a pretty well-balanced diet. To get in shape for a magazine cover photo shoot, Lauren Graham signed up for a gourmet diet delivery service. On a typical day on this diet, Graham might eat a brown rice tortilla wrap for breakfast, stuffed with egg whites, avocado, turkey bacon, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. This offers plenty of protein, whole grains, and even veggies to start the day. Breakfast also typically features fruit, like blackberries and grilled peaches.

A typical midmorning snack might be a peanut butter granola bar or a baked cinnamon apple. For lunch, Lauren Graham might dine on grilled halibut, garlicky spinach, and a whole grain like quinoa or brown rice. After another snack in the afternoon, such as cut vegetables, she might enjoy a grilled rosemary turkey burger for dinner, paired with green beans, mushrooms, and oven-baked sweet potato wedges. Graham also frequently eats arugula salad. This meal plan offers lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and veggies. We’d definitely recommend that Lauren Graham stick with this diet instead of detox cleanses.

Lauren Graham also used a personal trainer to get in shape for her photo shoot. No word on what specific exercises she used, but we’re guessing it was a mix of cardio and strength training. When she works out on her own, Graham enjoys spin and pilates. One of her favorite vacations was spent skiing every day. Sometimes, she’d even hit the gym after skiing all day. Downhill skiing can burn approximately 400 calories per hour, depending on your body weight.

Lauren Graham Sample Daily Diet Plan

Breakfast: Veggie & egg tortilla wrap & fruit

Snack: Granola bar

Lunch: Fish & spinach & brown rice

Snack: Cut vegetables

Dinner: Turkey burger & green beans & sweet potatoes

Why Alyssa Milano Became a Vegetarian After 9/11

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Some people become vegetarians because they can’t stand the thought of eating a cute, furry (or feathery) animal. Others do it to cut down on the cholesterol in their diets. Alyssa Milano, known for playing Jennifer Mancini on “Melrose Place,” has a more gruesome story.

The actress was speaking with a friend from New York shortly after 9/11. Alyssa recounted how “he couldn’t stand the smell of burnt flesh. It immediately reminded me of a barbecue.”* Those sickening words were enough to turn the actress into an herbivore.

Alyssa Milano maintained her vegetarian diet during her pregnancy with her son, Milo Thomas. Some vegetarians begin craving meat during pregnancy, but according to Alyssa, her pregnancy cravings didn’t stray too far from broccoli and pizza. She’s not a vegan, so she still eats dairy products like cheese.

Alyssa Milano often follows an eating plan that recommends consuming meals that consist of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent healthy fats. Her meals often come directly from her vegetable garden, which her husband planted for their one-year anniversary.

On a typical day, Alyssa Milano often enjoys oatmeal for breakfast to increase her intake of whole grains. Lunch is often a salad made from veggies from the garden, such as spinach, arugula, green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. Sometimes, she pairs the salad with brown rice.

Dinner also typically includes plenty of vegetables. Alyssa often enjoys pizza topped with vegetables like broccoli. When she indulges, she prefers her mother’s Italian cooking. Alyssa’s favorite is rolled spinach lasagna. To make a healthier version, we’d recommend using low-fat or nonfat cheese and whole grain pasta.

Alyssa’s diet is certainly not lacking in vegetables or whole grains, but there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of protein in it. She’ll get some protein from cheese. Vegetarians often choose soy-based meat substitute products to fulfill their protein requirements. Those who don’t really care for tofu can try eating quinoa, which is a grain that is high in protein. Beans are another good source of plant-based protein.

Alyssa Milano takes care of her body by staying physically active. During her pregnancy, she was spotted heading off to yoga class. Many celebrities, including Hilary Duff, enjoy yoga during pregnancy because it can be a gentler workout. Alyssa also enjoys 40-minute spinning classes and working with a physical trainer to tone her muscles.


Alyssa Milano Sample Daily Diet Plan

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Salad & brown rice

Dinner: Veggie pizza

Liquid Diets: Don’t Try This at Home

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Ever wonder how supermodels like Naomi Campbell maintain their stick-thin figures? It’s quite simple. They often don’t eat. When Naomi Campbell has discussed her diet in recent years, she makes a point of listing all the things she doesn’t eat: no meat, no bread, no gluten, etc. So what’s left? Beverages.

In past years, Naomi Campbell has pled guilty to threatening to throw her assistant out of a moving car, as well as hitting the poor girl with a cell phone. She’s also pled guilty to assaulting her housekeeper and, in a separate incident, some cops. And later, she also allegedly assaulted a chauffeur. See a pattern? We have a theory!

We propose that Naomi Campbell’s diet has left her so cranky that she can’t control her temper. Quite understandable, considering that there’s no solid food in her go-to diet. We think that she does actually eat occasionally, otherwise she’d be six feet under. But several times a year, Naomi Campbell embarks on a detox diet favored by other celebrities, like Beyonce.

This diet isn’t really a diet, since the proper definition of a diet refers to all the foods that you habitually eat. Instead of eating, Naomi Campbell would drink a special beverage at least six times daily. The beverage contained mostly water, with a dash of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup (aka The Master Cleanse). Naomi Campbell follows this “diet” for a maximum of 18 consecutive days.

Dieters who attempt to follow in Naomi Campbell’s footsteps can expect a whole horde of delightful side effects, which may include:







Heart damage

Heart failure


Naomi Campbell has another diet secret up her sleeve. When she’s not starving herself during a detox diet, her boyfriend helps her stay on track. During an interview, Naomi gazed adoringly at her long-time boyfriend while saying “If there is bread on the table, he’s like, don’t eat bread.’”* Bread has really gotten an undeserved reputation for being “bad diet food.” There’s nothing wrong with eating a slice or two of bread  as long as it’s made with whole grains and doesn’t have a ton of sugar. Plan your meals wisely, instead of cutting whole food groups out of your diet.

Naomi Campbell also demonstrates her remarkable ignorance of health with her explanation of her workout routine. She praises the jump rope, stating that it’s “great for your face; you lose a lot on your face when you do the rope.”* It’s widely accepted by fitness experts that you cannot spot-reduce. That is, when you lose weight, the weight loss distributes throughout your entire body, not in one specific place.



How Mel B Beat Emotional Eating

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Melanie Brown, more commonly referred to as Mel B or Scary Spice, is one of those Hollywood moms who are resented by other moms for losing weight ridiculously fast after giving birth.

Yet what few people know is that after she performed with the Spice Girls, Mel B went through a difficult period in her life. Her solo career wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped, and she had a few challenging relationships. Mel B turned to eating to cope with her emotional problems.

By the time she gave birth to Angel, her second daughter, in 2007, Mel B was about 35 pounds overweight. Mel finally realized that she didn’t like feeling frumpy, and turned her life around practically overnight. Five days after giving birth, Mel went back to the gym and started working out. She also signed up for “Dancing with the Stars,” which has helped many contestants successfully lose weight (i.e. Cheryl Burke and Julianne Hough).

Mel B’s diet included eating organic foods. She has also sworn by eating salmon three times per week, which offers lean proteins and healthy fats. When Mel isn’t eating salmon for dinner, she usually selects grilled chicken instead of a more fattening cut of red meat.

During and after her stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Mel B signed up for a food delivery service to help ensure that she ate balanced meals. Plus, with hours of dance training every day, she didn’t have much time to cook. Mel selected a meal plan that was delivered fresh, rather than frozen.

On a typical day, Mel B might eat a healthier version of blueberry pancakes for breakfast, paired with chicken mango sausage. This offers carbs for energy and protein for muscle growth. But we’d recommend topping the pancakes with a fruit compote instead of syrup, and making them with whole grains.

For lunch, Mel might eat teriyaki glazed chicken breast with baby bok choy. Bok choy is a low-calorie vegetable which would help satisfy her appetite without packing on the pounds. There are approximately 9 calories in 70 grams (1 shredded cup) of bok choy. Dinner options for Mel B included the miso glazed tilapia with a shiitake stir fry. A low-cal dessert option is a lemon poppyseed bundt cake.

This diet seems pretty healthy, but we’d add an afternoon snack to help keep hunger away, especially for someone who is dancing all day long. Some healthy snack ideas include nonfat string cheese, nonfat yogurt, and fruit.

After dancing, Mel B started staying in shape by working with a physical trainer. She often goes power walking around Hollywood. Mel also swims and does yoga, along with capoeira (Brazilian martial arts).

Mel B Sample Daily Diet Plan

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes & chicken mango sausage

Lunch: Teriyaki chicken & bok choy

Dinner: Tilapia & shiitake stir fry

Snack: Lemon poppyseed bundt cake

6 Great Teas to Substitute for Sugary Drinks 

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When most people begin a diet, they think about cutting out desserts first. Unfortunately, many people do not look at beverages as a significant source of daily calories. If you’re addicted to soda and you drink several cans a day, you’re taking in hundreds of empty calories. Since strategy is stronger than willpower, rather than trying to force yourself to drink only water, consider healthy beverage substitutions instead. Tea is a great weight loss beverage. It has less caffeine than coffee, so it won’t make you as jittery. Tea is also a zero-calorie beverage. If you must use a sweetener, use stevia, which also has zero calories. Some teas can even help you lose weight faster by stimulating your metabolism. Actress Marg Helgenberger and Olympian Apolo Ohno are big fans of tea.

Here are 6 great teas to add to your meal plan.

Green Tea (Drink before a cardio workout to burn more fat)

Pu-erh Tea (Black tea that may aid weight loss)

Yerba Mate Tea (May help stimulate metabolism)

Oolong Tea (May help reduce absorption of fat)

Peppermint Tea (May help reduce appetite and aid digestion)

Berry Teas (Drink in the evening to curb food cravings)

The Problem with Portion Control

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Portion control is considered to be one of the cornerstones of dieting. Proponents claim that you can eat fast food tacos, chocolate, ice cream, and all other types of junk food and still lose weight so long as you use portion control. Some proponents of portion control recommend stocking your kitchen with much smaller bowls, plates, and glasses to cut down on portion sizes and calories.

It’s pretty well known by now that America suffers from an obesity epidemic. Just a few decades ago, the average portion sizes of home-cooked and restaurant meals were much smaller. So it stands to reason that portion control is the answer to dieting right? Wrong. If you rely on your willpower to help you lose weight, chances are it’s not going to work. You’ll probably tell yourself, “Well, I took a much smaller bowl of ice cream, so what’s the harm in adding a candy bar to lunch tomorrow?” Instead of relying on faulty willpower, it’s always best to use smart weight loss strategies to meet your goal weight. Use lower-calorie food substitutions instead of dieting deprivation. Plan out your meals in advance and don’t forget to make time to exercise.