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What Can You Learn from Celebrity Crash Dieting?

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For those who don’t watch reality TV, Whitney Port is famous for her role on MTV’s reality show “The Hills.” The TV personality and clothing designer later landed her own show, “The City.” While attending college, Whitney Port unwittingly gained about 25 pounds. She put herself on a strict diet program to lose the weight.

Unfortunately, it appears that Whitney Port went a little too extreme with her dieting efforts. In 2010 while on a vacation in Hawaii, Port was photographed looking rather bony. Her weight at the time was reported by the Celebrity Diet Doctor to be about 115 pounds. Whitney Port is 5’10.” This means that her target weight range should be no lower than 132 to 145 pounds, while a moderate weight for this height is considered to be 142 to 156 pounds. At 115 pounds, Port’s weight was excessively low. During the same vacation to Hawaii, Port was seen eating only an apple for lunch.

All that dieting deprivation is bound to have consequences. Typically, dieters who starve themselves end up binge eating later. “Sometimes I’ll eat so fast, I won’t even realize how much I’m eating,”* said Whitney. The reality TV starlet has fessed up to eating only 1,000 calories a day, at least at one point in time. A starvation diet is considered to be anything less than 800 calories, so Port is right on the edge of that. She’s also said that she has never in her entire life eaten pasta. Given that she’s also admitted to being completely addicted to bread, I find this hard to believe.

When Whitney isn’t starving herself, she’s been known to eat buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. If she’s in NYC, Whitney might stop at her favorite vegetarian restaurant, which serves healthy soups and tofu with shiitake mushrooms and brown rice. For dinner, Whitney might visit with her sister, who enjoys cooking steamed artichokes, sautéed shrimp, and garlic couscous with green onions. Whitney also enjoys frozen yogurt.

Unfortunately, despite the healthy menu featured above, Whitney has continued to try crash diets. In early 2011, she revealed that she was trying one of those ubiquitous juice cleanses. Instead of eating actual food, Port drank six vegetable and fruit juices a day for three consecutive days. This diet’s sole saving grace is that it only lasts for three days. I’m guessing Port reached for the bread basket immediately after her “cleanse.”

So what can you take away from reports of celebrities crash dieting? That they’re not sustainable. And they inevitable lead to binging and bringing back on all the weight you lost by depriving yourself. The smarter way to lose weight is to implement an effective and healthy strategy that takes into account your own unique history with food so dieting doesn’t have to feel like a punishment.

*Source: http://www.okmagazine.com/featured/whitney-port-calls-bread-her-biggest-diet-vice


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Untitled Christian Bale Blog Collage


He shed a frightening 121 pounds to play a insomniac machinist by adhering to a four-month long, 275-calorie a day diet that consisted of only coffee, an apple, and an occasional can of tuna. It took him just two months to pack on 60 pounds of muscle via a high-carb bread and pasta diet. He later added an additional 39 pounds on a strict diet of chicken, tuna, and steamed vegetables, coupled with daily three-hour workouts for his role as the Caped Crusader in Batman Begins. Most recently, he gained a 42 pounds—and even herniated a disc in his back—for an Oscar nominated turn as notorious New York con man Irving Rosenfeld.

If recent history is any indication, “American Hustle” won’t be the last time A-list actor Christian Bale transforms his body for a role. Bale isn’t the first actor to remake his physique for a movie—Robert De Niro reportedly gained 60 pounds before filming the later sequences in Raging Bull—but he seems to have taken the craft to a whole other level. In fact, Bale had put on so much weight that De Niro—who also had a feature role in the film—didn’t even know who he was when they first met.

Clearly, the English actor is in a class by himself in the insane weight gain and loss category, but he’s by no means the only actor who’s undergone a miraculous transformation for a movie role.

Here are five other A-list actors who have done the ultimate in film preparation.



To be fair, Natalie Portman has never been heavy, but to lose 20 pounds for her role as ballet dancer Nina Sayers in “Black Swan” she reportedly worked out for five for five hours a day using a combination of ballet, swimming and weight training while subsisting on a 1200 calorie-a-day diet (not a lot when you’re burning thousands of calories exercising). Predictably, the film drew its share of dance world criticism.


Image Source: www.nydailynews.com



Though the perils of yo-yo dieting or weight cycling are well documented, it hasn’t stopped Academy Award winning actress Renée Zellweger from remaking her body on multiple occasions.

Zellweger gained 25 pounds to play zophtic Bridget Jones in the eponymous film and less than a year later, shed over 30 to play

Just a year later, the actress dropped the weight and a few extra pounds to play murderess temptress Roxie Hart in the movei version of the musical hit “Chicago.” She gained back the weight for her roles in “Cold Mountain” and “Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason.”


Image Source: Miramax Films / Evan Agostini/Getty Images




Image Source: www.lifeoops.com

He earned an Academy Award for his role as a transgender woman in “Dallas Buyers Club” and received critical acclaim for his portrayal of heroin addict Harry Goldfarb in “Requiem For A Dream,” but Jared Leto gained 67 pounds and reportedly put his health in serious jeopardy to play John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman in “Chapter 27.” (He reportedly contracted gout and he even confined to a wheelchair for a time due to the excess weight).



Tom Hanks hasn’t gone to the extremes of his colleague Bale, but the two-time Oscar winner did drop 50 pounds (and grew a scary beard) from his 6’2” frame to play a stranded FedEx employee Chuck Noland in 2001’s “Cast Away.”
Hanks also shed 30 pounds to play AIDS-afflicted lawyer Andrew Beckett in “Philadelphia.”


Image Source: Whitby, Merritt/Getty)


He’s run the gamut from Calvin Klein underwear model to down-on-his-luck fisherman, but Bale’s “The Fighter” co-star Mark Wahlberg is another in a long line of Hollywood A-listers willing to suffer, so to speak, for his art. He dropped 40 pounds for his role as professor Alex Feed in his latest movie, a remake of 1974 film, The Gambler.


What these, and dozens more big screen stars share in common is method acting, more or less a technique used to create the real thoughts and feelings of the character being portrayed. Whereas traditional acting is dependent on imagination, script analysis, and external stimuli, method acting is developed internally via an emotional or physical connection to the character.

Though the method seems to work, at least if we’re to judge by the number of award winning performances that result, role, it can seem over the top, particularly in the case of extreme loss. And going through such radical physical changes comes with serious drawbacks, as we saw from the example of Jared Leto. Even Bale, for the moment the undisputed king of method acting, has spoken of the challenges of gaining and losing weight for roles.

Would such an extreme diet, at least in the short term, work for the average Joe or Jane carrying an extra 20-25 pounds? The answer is an emphatic “no.” For the majority of people, it’s difficult to maintain more than a 1-2 pounds weight loss per week (remember that’s 3500-7000 calories!). Extreme weight loss—or even extreme weight gain—can wreck havoc with our body’s metabolism. Though some people like Mark Wahlberg, who’s consistently maintained a high level of fitness throughout his professional life, might be in a better position to manage great weight fluctuations, extreme dieting can lead to headaches, irritability, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, menstrual irregularities, and hair and/or muscle loss. More potentially serious side effects include dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, low blood pressure and high uric acid, which could lead to gout or kidney stones, loss of bone density and even heart arrhythmias and organ failure.

If extreme weight fluctuations are bad then it’s reasonable to ask why there’s so much interest? Most likely, it has much to do with our societal obsession with the body image and the lives of celebrities themselves. Many so called “celebrity diets” are done under medical supervision for a short amount of time and specific purpose. Actors are also being paid handsomely to sacrifice for their work. They know the score going in. A final point to remember is that these are “diets.” All diets have a beginning, middle and end. But there is no end to weight control. To lose weight and most importantly, keep it off for a lifetime, we should focus less on our plates, and more on our heads. Ultimately, it’s less about the food, and more about how we behave in the presence of food determines success or failure.

Linda Robson’s Dangerous Starvation Diet

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Linda Robson Poses by the Landscaping

Image source: Telegraph.co.uk

Linda Robson is best known for her role as Tracey in the BBC comedy, “Birds of a Feather.” She acted in the series from 1989 to 1998, alongside fellow actress and friend, Pauline Quirke. Pauline Quirke had steadily gained weight for years, but managed to successfully lose it in about a year. When Linda Robson saw her friend after the weight loss, she almost didn’t recognize her. Linda also struggled with weight issues, and seeing her friend’s successful weight loss inspired her own dieting journey. Quite often, if you hang around a person who is thinner than you, you will subconsciously begin to pick up on healthier habits. Researchers even did a study on that a while back. Sometimes, peer pressure can be a good thing. Unfortunately, Linda Robson didn’t choose the healthiest of diets for her weight loss efforts.

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Jaleel White’s Fast Weight Loss

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Jaleel White in Camouflage Suit

Image source: Jaydeanhcr.wordpress.com

Some people in Hollywood have unforgettable voices. Like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, for example. Or Jaleel White as Steve Urkel. So when White successfully lost a few pounds, he certainly wasn’t shy about piping up about it. “I can pop a sweat so quickly now. It’s new to me. It’s ridiculous!”* White was referring to his newfound love of dancing during his stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Jaleel White went on to sing his praises of his greatly increased energy levels, saying that he feels better than he did in college. Jaleel White was never seriously overweight, and he hadn’t even intended to lose weight on the show. But “DWTS” has a tendency to do that to its competitors, and White lost 15 lbs., dropping down to a 32-inch waist on his 5’10” frame.

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Elizabeth Banks’ Broccoli or Cupcake Dilemma

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Elizabeth Banks in Red Tank Top

Image source: Askmen.com

Elizabeth Banks’ film career is as diverse as her diet. On the one hand, Banks has portrayed the staid Laura Bush in “W.” On the other, in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” Banks has portrayed a girl who can’t pay her bills, and rather than declare bankruptcy, begins to produce pornographic films with her roommate. Such extremes might be the hallmark of a great acting career, but dieting extremes generally aren’t so desirable. Banks’ website has an entire section devoted to “Yummy Stuff,” which runs the gamut from summer salads to s’more stuffed French toast. While Elizabeth Banks tries to eat a generally healthy diet, she isn’t shy at all about indulging her sweet tooth.

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Rex Ryan Loses 100+ Lbs. Without Changing Diet

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Rex Ryan on the Field

Image source: Nj.com

Some things are best kept to yourself for a little while. Some people prefer not to share news of a pregnancy right away; others wait to discuss job offers until they’re in the bag. Rex Ryan took this approach with his weight loss, presumably because he didn’t want to jinx it. Although people kept asking the famed NY Jets coach about his slimmed-down figure, Rex refused to talk about it until he’d broken the 100-lb. mark. Rex Ryan has long been known for his rather portly figure. At his heaviest, Ryan weighed about 340 lbs. He’s fluctuated now and then, losing a little weight but gaining it right back. Rex Ryan is also no stranger to fad diets.

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Pauline Quirke’s Embarrassing Weight Loss Motivator

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Pauline Quirke in Black Dress

Image source: Zimbio.com

Much like rubbernecking at a car crash, audiences have long been fascinated by televised trials. But what about life after the verdict? One of British actress’ Pauline Quirke’s most famous roles on “Birds of a Feather” explored just that. Quirke played a woman whose husband was sent to prison for armed robbery. Perhaps the stress of the situation is why Quirke’s character, Sharon, was frequently pictured chowing down on junk food. Life imitated art, and over the years Pauline Quirke piled on the pounds. Quirke even kept a diary chronicling how she gained the weight. At one point, she wrote, “I’m not big-boned or pleasantly plump, I’m just fat because I’m greedy. I eat and drink too much and I exercise too little.”*

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The Best Weight loss Junk food plan in New York, NY

The Best Weight loss Junk food plan in New York,NY | Tony Hawk’s Junk Food Indulgences

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Tony Hawk’s Junk Food Indulgences

Tony Hawk will forever be known as the ultimate skateboarding legend and the guy who brought it into the mainstream. He became the first skateboarder to successfully land a 900 (a skateboarding move – yes, we had to look it up, too) and he even has his own line of extreme sports video games. Skateboarding has always been Tony Hawk’s first love, and he seeks to share it with others with his Tony Hawk Foundation, a charitable organization that builds skateboarding parks in underprivileged areas. He even became an unlikely keynote speaker before Congress in 2011, campaigning on behalf of the National Recreation and Park Association to secure funding for school sports. So you’d assume a guy that’s so into sports would have a killer diet to go along with it, The Best Weight loss Junk food plan in New York, NY.

The Best Weight loss Junk food plan in New York,NY

Turns out, Tony Hawk takes a rather hands-off approach to his diet. It’s improved a bit since his Taco Bell days, however. When Tony Hawk was in his 20’s, the economic side of the skateboarding world abruptly collapsed. Hawk struggled to pay his bills, refinanced his homes, and forced himself to eat on $5 per day. His diet back in those days consisted largely of very high-sodium Ramen noodles and two bean burritos (no onions) and a soda at Taco Bell. Of course, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for him to subsist on junk food. It’s been reported that as a child, Tony pretty much lived on junk food.

While Tony Hawk seems to have calmed down a bit with the junk food, his diet could still use quite a bit of work. For breakfast, Tony Hawk might head over to a restaurant with his kids for an omelet with chicken, avocado, and cheese, along with a few biscuits. For a snack, Hawk might eat some almond croissants or other pastries. He also eats Krispy Kreme donuts. Hawk’s favorite beverage is Coke.

For lunch, Tony Hawk and his kids might grab a few sandwiches from a stand at the beach. He also drinks smoothies from the stand, and can’t resist telling the staff to add vanilla ice cream to his smoothie. If Tony Hawk and his brood hit the restaurants again for dinner, he’s likely to order pasta with spicy mushroom sauce. Hawk is a Finisher – he enjoys licking his plate clean. (Yes, that image is hard to get out of your head, isn’t it?) While he orders his kids some ice cream cones after dinner, Tony Hawk gulps down some coffee. He seems to be pretty big on coffee and caffeine.

Tony Hawk seems to eat an awful lot of sugar. His breakfast isn’t too terrible, although he could improve his omelet with low-fat or nonfat cheese and swap out the biscuits for some whole grain toast with a butter substitute. Since Tony Hawk has to finish the entire plate of pasta, we’d recommend ordering half an entrée (and making sure it isn’t a cream-based sauce). As a parent, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of eating the sugary junk food that the kids prefer. Instead of eating donuts and other sugary treats, Tony could encourage healthy eating habits in his whole family by toting along some portable fruit on their outings, The Best Weight loss Junk food plan in New York, NY.

Aside from skateboarding, of course, Tony Hawk loves to stay active with his family. He takes his kids to the beach to dig up clams and go surfing. They also enjoy walking around, hitting their favorite local hot spots. Hawk also has two swimming pools at his house (one of them is empty for skateboarding).

Tony Hawk Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Omelet & biscuits
  • Snack: Pastries
  • Lunch: Sandwich & smoothie
  • Dinner: Pasta with mushroom sauce