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Terrell Owens’ Predictable Diet

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Terrell Owens Wearing Suit

Image source: Sports.espn.go.com

You know those people that just seem to stand out from everyone else? You can’t describe exactly what it is, but they’ve got that “it” factor. Terrell Owens is definitely one of those people. The wide receiver is a six-time Pro Bowl selection and he holds several NFL records. Unfortunately, he also has a reputation for stirring up controversy. Being a maverick isn’t always such a good thing in your professional life. When it comes to his diet, however, T.O. is pretty predictable. Like many professional athletes, Terrell Owens relies on a high-protein diet. During the football season, he eats five to six times per day to fuel his grueling workouts on the field. T.O. has also learned to listen to his body, and knows when he needs to eat.

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Piper Perabo’s Unusual Breakfast

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Piper Perabo with Short Hair

Image source: Sheknows.com

Piper Perabo learned the hard way that if you’re going to start jumping off of buildings for a living, you had better eat your veggies. Piper’s breakout role was playing Violet in “Coyote Ugly.” A few years later, she swapped juggling liquor bottles and dancing at bars for dodging bullets as a new CIA trainee in USA Network’s “Covert Affairs.” The actress, a self-described foodie, is also part-owner of Jack’s Wife Freda, a New York City restaurant. Piper admits that she isn’t much of a cook, but she enjoys tasting the restaurant’s new creations. Piper seems particularly partial to fish.

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Ryan Lochte Gives Up McDonald’s

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Ryan Lochte with Olympic Gold Medal

Image source: Usmagazine.com

Ryan Lochte is fast becoming a household name. This Olympic swimmer is best known for his laid-back attitude and goofball approach to life. He is probably the only guy who has ever worn grills on the awards podium, and you’re about as likely to find him climbing 30-foot trees as swimming laps. Lochte suffers more injuries away from his sport than in it. He’s fractured his foot while skateboarding and injured his knee while break dancing. The aforementioned tree-climbing necessitated surgery for a fractured shoulder. Ryan Lochte’s diet was similarly juvenile: he used to brag about eating McDonald’s three times a day. But while his out-of-pool antics might not be going away anytime soon, it seems that Lochte’s diet has grown up a bit.

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Rachael Ray Prefers Food Over Fashion

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Rachael Ray with Her Dog

Image source: Fittipdaily.com

Few celebrity chefs polarize people as much as Rachael Ray. You either love her for her bubbly personality or you hate her… usually also for her bubbly personality. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying the fact that Ray’s accomplishments are pretty impressive. She’s built her own empire based on her “30 Minute Meals” concept. Rachael was born to cook. Her mother managed restaurants in upstate NY when she was a child, and one of Rachael’s first jobs was working at the candy counter at Macy’s. From there, her career skyrocketed, and today she’s the host of three Food Network shows and a line of cookbooks. Rachael Ray makes a point of tasting everything that she cooks on her shows, so you’d expect her to be a bit heavier. Instead, Rachael Ray has maintained her figure by taking a hands-off approach. The Food Network chef insists that she doesn’t diet because she enjoys food much more than fashion.

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Derek Jeter’s All-Star Meal Plan

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Derek Jeter in Yankees Uniform

Image source: Celebritydietdoctor.com

Even those who aren’t particularly enamored with the Yankees can all pretty much agree that Derek Jeter is one of the best in the business. He’s a five-time World Series champion and has received too many awards and accolades to list here. Jeter also has the distinction of being the 28th player of all time to reach 3,000 hits. “Captain Clutch” didn’t get there by accident. Jeter signed up with the Yankees out of high school. While he isn’t due to arrive at spring training camp until later in February, Derek Jeter consistently shows up early for voluntary workouts in mid-January every year. Performing at such a high level year after year requires a clean diet.

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Carmelo Anthony’s Fishy Diet

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Carmelo Anthony Head Shot

Image source: newsday.com

Carmelo Anthony might be vilified for being a ball-hog on the basketball court, but there’s no denying that he’s an aggressive scoring machine. Some might resent his stylish swagger, but when you work hard in the gym and eat a clean diet, you’re allowed to swagger a little bit. As a professional athlete, Melo works with nutritionists to develop a meal plan that suits his needs. His calorie requirements fluctuate depending on his activity level, but Melo generally eats between 2,500 to 3,300 calories per day.

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Angie Harmon’s Natural Weight Loss

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Angie Harmon Wearing Turtleneck

Image source: celebitchy.com

Angie Harmon’s career has flourished once again with her stint on “Rizzoli & Isles,” a cop show. While Angie loves working on the show, she’s mentioned that it can sometimes be difficult to balance work and family. And it’s no wonder – in addition to her acting career, Angie Harmon is a busy philanthropist, working with a wide range of charities from Stand Up To Cancer to a program that encourages healthy family meals. Sit-down meals do indeed encourage a healthier weight. When you eat on the run or while standing over a kitchen counter, you do not feel as satisfied and so you’ll probably end up grabbing another high-calorie snack a couple of hours later. Angie also likes sit-down meals because they encourage family time. She’s also mentioned that she tries to involve her three kids in cooking.

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Giuliana Rancic’s Weighty Scrutiny

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Giuliana Rancic at the Golden Globes

Image source: mysiszni.blogspot.com

Italian-born TV personality Giuliana Rancic may have started out reporting for a Capitol Hill news bureau, but these days she’s better known for her stick-thin figure and controversial weight loss commentary. In 2011, Giuliana Rancic came under fire for criticizing LeAnn Rimes’ weight loss. During an interview to promote a new restaurant she was opening in Chicago with her husband, Bill, Giuliana gushed over how she’d like to feed LeAnn Rimes and how much better LeAnn would look if she was a bit curvier. Needless to say, LeAnn Rimes took exception to Rancic’s artless comments, bringing new attention to media scrutiny concerning Rancic’s rather slender frame.

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Chrissy Teigen’s Love Affair with Bacon

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Chrissy Teigen Attends a Film Screening

Image source: glamour.com

Chrissy Teigen specializes in swimsuit modeling. She was even named “Rookie of the Year” after appearing in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You might naturally assume that someone who makes her living by publicly wearing skimpy swimsuits would resort to crash diets to stay skinny, but you’d be wrong. Chrissy Teigen loves food, to that point that she enjoys Tweeting pictures of a breakfast with no fewer than 12 side dishes. On her website, Chrissy waxes poetic about the love of her life (other than fiancé John Legend), brick chicken. Apparently, barbecuing chicken with bricks keeps it juicy yet crisp at the same time. Clearly, Chrissy isn’t into food deprivation. Instead, she stays slender with smart food choices, healthy food swaps, and a low-carb diet.

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Michelle Heaton Married Into Physical Fitness

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Michelle Heaton in Red Dress

Image source: unnakednails.com

British pop singer Michelle Heaton began her career by singing with the Sirens. Like many celebs these days, she then went on to compete in a reality singing show. Despite singing in a band named after mythological creatures capable of producing utterly intoxicating music, she failed to win the competition and formed a new band instead. Which later disbanded. Michelle Heaton appears to have put much more effort into her post-pregnancy weight loss than she did in maintaining her various musical endeavors.

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