Alicia Silverstone Kicks the Steak-and-Doughnut Diet

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Alicia Silverstone Kicks the Steak-and-Doughnut Diet

Alicia Silverstone Shows Off Baby Bump

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Alicia Silverstone is perhaps best known for her role in “Clueless.” In recent interviews, she’s revealed that during the filming of “Clueless,” she followed her boyfriend’s steady diet of steak and doughnuts. When she felt sick to her stomach as a result of her poor diet, Silverstone would eat frozen yogurt because she didn’t think her stomach could handle anything else. Alicia Silverstone also suffered from ulcers. Her poor diet caught up to her pretty quickly. Magazines began pointing out her unflattering weight gain.

Flash-forward to the present: Alicia Silverstone did a complete 180 on her diet. Now a vegan with a balanced meal plan, she credits her diet with her weight loss, her glowing skin, and her dramatically increased energy levels.

Being a vegan doesn’t automatically mean that you’re eating healthy foods that encourage weight loss. Vegans can also eat fattening French fries and pizza. When you cut whole food groups out of your diet, it’s important to replace the lost nutrients with alternative foods. From all accounts, however, it seems like Alicia Silverstone is a poster child for healthy food substitutions.

Alicia Silverstone Takes a Walk With Baby

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When Alicia craves comfort food, she’ll head for a vegan specialty restaurant that offers low-fat, healthier versions of nachos and onion rings. Instead of eating nachos drenched in high-fat cheese, Alicia eats a vegan version that’s made with tofu-based sour cream, pinto beans, and seasoned, grilled seitan (a low-fat meat substitute).

Alicia Silverstone also fills her diet with plenty of green, leafy veggies. She visits her local farmers’ market for fresh, organic produce. Alicia also enjoys fresh produce from her own organic vegetable garden.

Breakfast for Alicia Silverstone often includes a bowl of granola with soy milk, paired with a glass of fresh grapefruit juice. Sometimes, she eats low-fat vegan pancakes topped with fresh fruit. Lunch is often a large salad drizzled with sesame tofu dressing. Alicia might pair the salad with Moroccan couscous with saffron to include some whole grains in her meal. She also enjoys entrees like seitan piccata and Moroccan spiced chickpea cake.

Lentil and Veggie Soup

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Alicia often eats soups for dinner, such as fiber-packed lentil soup with veggies. She also enjoys soups made with other legumes and sweet potatoes. Instead of garlic bread, a healthy side is baby bok choy drizzled with vinaigrette and flaxseed oil. Alicia is also a big fan of vegan desserts. She particularly enjoys a healthy, low-fat version of chocolate peanut butter cups, made with carob chips to cut down on the sugar.

In addition to her balanced meal plan, Alicia Silverstone likes to improve her health by staying active. She regularly goes hiking with her dogs and does yoga. Alicia also rides her bike and enjoys gardening.

Alicia Silverstone Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Granola & soy milk & grapefruit juice
  • Lunch: Salad & saffron couscous
  • Dinner: Lentil & veggie soup & bok choy
  • Snack: Vegan chocolate & peanut butter cups
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