Holly Robinson Peete Breaks Away From Extreme Diets

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Holly Robinson Peete Breaks Away From Extreme Diets

Holly Robinson Peete on Red Carpet

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Holly Robinson Peete made her acting debut on TV in 1969 on the first episode of “Sesame Street.” From there, her star continued to rise as she scored roles on “21 Jump Street” and “For Your Love.” Peete even showcased her singing talent during a memorable performance with Lionel Hampton at a Parisian club. As an extremely busy mom of four children (one of whom has autism and requires a great deal of extra care), Holly Robinson Peete has sought quick dieting solutions in the past.

Holly Robinson Peete has stated that the most extreme diet she’s ever tried has been a coffee enema. Considering that the coffee is taken rectally, it really can’t be considered a diet. Enemas are intended to stimulate weight loss by eliminating free radicals. Supposedly. There is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, and in fact, it can be quite dangerous. Coffee enemas may lead to internal burns, decreased bowel function, and electrolyte imbalance. Peete claimed that she lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks by doing coffee enemas, but that’s almost certainly the result of lost water weight. She further stated that the weight came right back.

Peete has tried cleanses taken by mouth, as well. She has done the 21-day Kathy Freston Quantum Wellness Cleanse, a crash diet. The first week she ate purely vegan food, nothing but raw food the second week, and only juices the third week. There’s nothing to criticize about a vegan diet, so long as it includes a nutritionally complete meal plan. However, Peete’s other crash diets do not promote long-term healthy eating habits and are not sustainable nor recommended.

Holly Robinson Peete Promotes Healthy Eating

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Fortunately, Holly Robinson Peete turned to a diet delivery service in 2009 to supply her with a much more balanced meal plan. She signed her entire family up for Freshology. On this diet program, she might have eaten foods like whole grain waffles with cinnamon spiced pears for breakfast, followed by a BBQ chicken quesadilla with mango salsa for lunch. Dinner might have been grilled salmon with beets and couscous.

This diet plan is vastly preferable to coffee enemas and juice fasts. It has a mix of whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh produce. However, Holly would have benefited from pairing her whole grain waffles with some lean protein for breakfast. One way of doing this is to add protein powder to the waffle mix. Instead of the quesadilla, Holly could have added chicken with a low-sugar BBQ sauce to a pita pocket, along with plenty of fresh veggies.

Waffles with Pears

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Holly Robinson Peete doesn’t appear to exercise frequently. She cites caring for her children as the major factor – she’s simply too tired to exercise most of the time. When she does work out, Holly’s exercise of choice is yoga.

Holly Robinson Peete Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Waffles & pears
  • Lunch: Chicken quesadilla
  • Dinner: Salmon & beets & couscous
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