How Queen Latifah Lost 20 Pounds

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How Queen Latifah Lost 20 Pounds

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“I don’t really diet,”* claims the Queen. Despite this declaration, Queen Latifah signed up for a nationally recognized diet program, the same one for which Valerie Bertinelli is doing commercials. Famed for her larger than life personality, Queen Latifah was a rapper before she became known for her roles in movies like “Mad Money,” alongside co-star Katie Holmes. These days, the Queen can add “diet spokeswoman” to her resume. She’s trying to focus more on her health – not to get skinny – but rather to ward off potential health problems that being overweight can lead to, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Going into her diet plan, Queen Latifah set a weight loss goal of five to 10 percent of her body weight. Within a couple of months, she achieved that. Unfortunately, she seems to have stopped right there, despite praising her 20-pound weight loss as helping her to “feel more energetic.”** However, she has successfully kept those 20 pounds off for at least three years. When she’s not on her prepackaged diet food plan, Queen Latifah tries to eat mostly lean meats and veggies; however, she admits to the occasional (hopefully occasional) mac and cheese splurge.

To trim the 20 pounds off her 240-pound frame, Queen Latifah ate foods like whole wheat apple cinnamon waffles with a veggie patty for breakfast. Other breakfast options include a blueberry mini loaf or cinnamon rolls. While it’s great that the waffles are made with whole grains, we’re not too crazy about the emphasis on sugar in this diet plan. The cinnamon rolls alone have 15 grams of sugar.

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

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For lunch, Queen Latifah’s options include a beef and cheese slider on a whole wheat bun, beef chow mein, or a “chicken stuffed sandwich” that has the appearance of an insanely cheesy calzone. This last option also offers dieters a whopping 590 mg of sodium. For dinner, Queen Latifah could select from entrees like beef chili with beans, fish and chips, or chicken pasta. Much of the diet food available on Queen Latifah’s program has a low vitamin content. We’d recommend that dieters supplement the program with fresh salads and fruit.

Queen Latifah also started exercising to accelerate her weight loss. She goes to the gym about five to seven days a week, using the elliptical machine for an hour. When she gets tired of the elliptical, she’ll switch to the treadmill. Queen Latifah has also worked with a physical trainer, doing cardio intervals. We’d recommend adding some strength training with this workout to help build bone mass and tone muscles.



Queen Latifah Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Apple cinnamon waffles
  • Lunch: Beef chow mein
  • Dinner: Pasta with chicken
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