How Whoopi Goldberg Lost 43 Lbs.

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How Whoopi Goldberg Lost 43 Lbs.

Whoopi Goldberg Attends a Charity Event for Haiti

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Whoopi Goldberg was never one to shy away from controversy. The actress/comedian/talk show host came under fire a couple of years ago for telling entertainment correspondent Giuliana Rancic to gain some weight to improve her chances of conceiving. Since Whoopi doesn’t mind discussing other people’s weight issues, let’s take a look at hers.

Whoopi Goldberg appears to experience weight fluctuations often. In previous years, she’s tried a few different diets. At one point, she was the spokeswoman for a diet plan that offered diet shakes as meal replacements, but the company later dropped her from the program. She’s also rumored to have used a meal delivery service that offers customizable diet plans. Whoopi Goldberg’s latest diet program features weekly counseling and meal planning guidance.

Meal planning guidance sounds like exactly what Whoopi Goldberg needs. In an interview with Katie Couric, Whoopi disclosed that her weight issues didn’t actually include overeating. Instead, her trouble was that she would eat eight bags of chips in one sitting, and then starve herself for the next couple of days. We’re wondering why Whoopi doesn’t consider eating eight bags of chips to be overeating, but let’s move on.

Whoopi Goldberg Goes for a Walk

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On Whoopi’s first diet – the one with meal replacement shakes – she learned to eat (or rather, drink) every day. Meal replacement shakes are really just another form of dieting deprivation. Not all dieters will feel satisfied drinking their meals instead of actually chewing, which means that they’re more likely to head for their cookie stashes.

Whoopi Goldberg’s latest diet seems more manageable. This diet program doesn’t ban any foods, but instead offers the dieter customized meal advice. A sample weight loss menu on this program includes a small bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, along with skim milk and some blueberries. We’d advise Whoopi to stick with bran cereal instead; corn flakes can lead to a blood sugar crash a few hours after eating.

For lunch, Whoopi Goldberg might eat tuna mixed with a little light mayo, spread on one slice of rye bread. She might pair it with some fruit, like a slice of watermelon. Eating fruits with a high water content, like watermelon, is a good weight loss strategy. They’ll fill you up without adding a ton of calories to your daily diet.

For an afternoon snack, Whoopi might eat a diet bar marketed by the diet company. The nutrition facts for these diet bars reveal that they’re not very diet-friendly. They’re quite high in sugar and the calorie count is about average for any other granola bar. Some of the bars have very little fiber; others have none at all. They also offer plenty of partially hydrogenated oil – in other words, trans fats. We’d recommend some fresh fruit for an afternoon snack instead.

Bowl of Cornflakes

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Whoopi Goldberg’s dinner on this diet plan might feature shrimp and green beans. For an evening snack, she might eat cottage cheese paired with one of the company’s diet desserts. Whoopi Goldberg’s diet helped her successfully lose 43 pounds in 23 weeks.

It doesn’t appear that Whoopi Goldberg made much of an effort to complement her diet with a workout routine. If Whoopi does exercise regularly, it’s one of the few personal things she doesn’t share with her TV audience. Whoopi Goldberg’s diet program vaguely encourages regular exercise, but doesn’t appear to emphasize it.

Whoopi Goldberg Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Cornflakes & blueberries
  • Lunch: Tuna on rye & fruit
  • Snack: Diet bar
  • Dinner: Shrimp & green beans
  • Snack: Cottage cheese
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