Leah Remini Struggled With Weight Loss After Giving Birth

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Leah Remini Struggled With Weight Loss After Giving Birth

Leah Remini Wears Purple Dress on Red Carpet

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Leah Remini made her mark on the “The King of Queens” sitcom as Carrie Heffernan. She also starred alongside Halle Berry in “Living Dolls.” Leah Remini grew up in a neighborhood in which waif-like girls were not idolized, so she’d always had a healthy body image. When she became an actress, Leah didn’t bother with crash diets; she simply worked out regularly to maintain her svelte, 115-pound frame.

Leah Remini ran into trouble with her weight following her pregnancy with her daughter, Sofia Bella. She gave birth in 2004, and “The King of Queens” continued to air through 2007. This placed tremendous pressure on Leah to lose the baby weight. Unlike some celebrity moms who starve themselves to lose the weight rapidly (we’re looking at you, Victoria Beckham), Leah struggled with the baby weight for quite a long time.

Leah Remini enjoyed giving herself free rein to eat as much as she wanted during her pregnancy, and she had about 80 spare pounds to prove it. When she faced harsh criticism in the media for not losing the weight immediately after giving birth, Leah was driven to emotional eating, which exacerbated the problem.

Leah Remini Cooks Healthy Veggies With Rachel Ray

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When she finally decided to lose the weight, Leah tried a few fad diets to no avail. She did colonics, a starvation detox cleanse with cayenne pepper water, and another detox cleanse with cranberry juice. Leah finally lost the first 10 pounds using one diet food delivery service, and switched to another meal program to lose the rest of it.

On a typical day on her first diet plan, Leah Remini would eat prepackaged meals. For breakfast, she might eat breakfast pizzas with whole wheat crusts and spinach, or she might eat a berry granola bar. Leah Remini’s lunch options included beef and barley stew, or she might eat chicken and potatoes. We’d recommend swapping out white potatoes for sweet potatoes for added vitamins. Placing the chicken on top of a large, green salad would be even better. Dinner for Leah Remini would likely be a pasta dish with cheese and chicken. We’d recommend substituting the cheesy pasta for spaghetti squash with marinara.

Spinach Omelet

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On Leah Remini’s second diet plan, she would likely eat an omelet for breakfast, followed by grilled chicken and a salad for lunch. Leah’s dinner might be fish or curried chicken. Presumably, there’d also be veggies with dinner. We’d also recommend including some fresh fruit for snacks throughout the day to prevent overeating at meals.

Leah Remini had trouble fitting exercise into her weight loss routine. She found that she was too busy to work out while her baby napped. Leah finally worked around the issue by asking her husband to take care of Sofia Bella in the mornings so she could jog on the treadmill. Leah also enjoys taking walks with her daughter to stay active. We’d recommend doing three strength training routines per week, as well. Strength training is helpful for weight loss, because muscle mass helps boost the metabolism.

Leah Remini Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Omelet
  • Lunch: Salad & chicken
  • Dinner: Curried chicken
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