Maria Sharapova’s Favorite Sweet Snacks

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Maria Sharapova’s Favorite Sweet Snacks

Maria Sharapova Plays Tennis

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Pro tennis darling Maria Sharapova has won so many titles and championships that it would be ridiculous to list them all. She first came to the attention of tennis legend Martina Navratilova at age seven during a tennis clinic in Moscow. Navratilova recommended that Sharapova get professional lessons. She won her first championship at the tender age of 13, and her career has continued to skyrocket. Not surprisingly, all that tennis practice burns a ton of calories. And Sharapova isn’t shy at all about indulging her sweet tooth.

Maria Sharapova has gushed about the white hot chocolate at a shop in Paris, candy baskets, generous portions of cake, and her all-time favorite, crepes with Nutella filling. Despite her sweet tooth, when she’s training or competing, Maria maintains a healthy, low-fat diet. Since she’s a serious athlete, it’s highly doubtful that she eats crepes day in and day out. Instead, her go-to breakfast is usually an egg white omelet, oatmeal with berries, and sometimes a fruit smoothie. For snacks, Maria eats fresh fruit or some sort of lean protein to fuel her workouts.

Maria Sharapova Stretching

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For lunch, Maria Sharapova might eat sushi or a halloumi sandwich on wheat bread. In a nod to her Russian upbringing, Maria enjoys afternoon tea. Her favorite is a black English tea flavored with raspberry jam. Maria’s favorite types of cuisine are Thai and, not surprisingly, Russian. However, while she’s competing, she makes sure not to eat carbohydrates after 6 p.m. During one competition, a waiter noted that Maria Sharapova ordered the same thing for dinner at least three nights in a row: two grilled chicken breasts without sauce or vegetables.

Clearly, Sharapova is more than capable of sticking to a healthy diet when she needs to. However, it’s unclear why she shuns vegetables at dinner. Pairing her chicken with some veggies & whole grains would help give her energy to compete the next day. It does seem that she has a bit of an issue with sugar. Some healthy food substitutions could help curb her sweet tooth. For example, she could eat sugar-free pudding instead of cake.

Halloumi Sandwich

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Maria Sharapova’s favorite workout is obviously tennis. It’s a good all-around workout for cardio, core strengthening, and arm sculpting. Maria plays tennis every day and works with a trainer twice a day. They do cardio intervals and strength training. Maria also enjoys biking, doing yoga, and taking salsa classes.

Maria Sharapova Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Omelet & oatmeal & smoothie
  • Snack: Fruit
  • Lunch: Halloumi sandwich
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken
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