Tia Mowry Gets Her Diet Delivery-Style

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Tia Mowry Gets Her Diet Delivery-Style

Tia Mowry Shows Off Baby Bump

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Actress Tia Mowry loved being pregnant. Presumably, that meant she didn’t mind the weight gain or the swollen, uncomfortable feet. Losing the weight after giving birth? Not so much. Mowry admitted that it was rather difficult to drop the baby weight. Mowry’s weight loss was complicated by the fact that she’d undergone a Cesarean section. This necessitated avoiding intense exercise and other strenuous physical activities for a couple of months. Instead, Tia Mowry ate a low-carb diet that primarily featured lean proteins and veggies.

Before she became pregnant, Tia Mowry was diagnosed with endometriosis. This devastating diagnosis was the catalyst for her exploration of a diet plan that claims to balance microorganisms within the body for better health. Much of the foundation of the diet is sound; it encourages the consumption of healthy fats, lean, organic protein, and vegetables. However, dieters are initially discouraged from consuming carbohydrates – including many sources of complex carbs. Later, dieters can add in whole grains and fruits.

Tia Mowry also tried to avoid most sources of carbohydrates (except veggies) when she was losing weight after her pregnancy. This severe restriction of an entire food group is likely why she struggled so much with her weight loss. Instead, Tia could have added high-protein whole grains like quinoa to her diet for a boost of energy and to satisfy any cravings she might have had.

Tia Mowry also tried a diet delivery service to lose her pregnancy weight. Fortunately, this diet delivery service does not advocate cutting out entire food groups. Tia successfully lost 8 lbs. in just one month using this diet program. On a typical day on her diet plan, Tia might have eaten some muesli granola with nonfat vanilla yogurt for breakfast, paired with Canadian bacon and fresh fruit.

Tia Mowry Goes for a Walk

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Her lunch would likely have featured a spinach and mozzarella salad with cherry tomatoes, followed by barramundi for dinner. The diet delivery service offers mushrooms and a roasted celery root puree to go along with the fish. Other healthy dinner options include a honey-lemon glazed chicken breast with brown rice and vegetable ragout. Tia could have satisfied her sweet tooth with the program’s low-fat, diet desserts, like the chocolate zucchini bundt cake.

This is a nicely balanced diet plan, but we’d make a few changes. Instead of the Canadian bacon, Tia could have sprinkled ground flaxseeds in her yogurt for healthy omega-3 fatty acids. We’d also add a little grilled chicken to the salad for additional protein. If Tia was breastfeeding, it would have been important for her to eat healthy snacks throughout the day to maintain her energy levels. Low-fat string cheese, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit are all healthy snack choices.

Fillet of Barramundi

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Because Tia Mowry had a C-section, she couldn’t work out right away. She began by taking gentle walks to stay active and graduated to power walks. Tia particularly enjoys listening to music while she walks to stay motivated. Sometimes her husband tags along and sometimes Tia uses a weighted backpack to increase the intensity. Tia Mowry’s other favorite workouts include Zumba dancing, yoga, lunges, squats, and light weightlifting.

Tia Mowry Sample Daily Diet Plan

    • Breakfast: Muesli & granola & fruit & Canadian bacon
    • Lunch: Spinach salad
    • Dinner: Barramundi & mushrooms & roasted celery root
    • Snack: Chocolate zucchini bundt cake
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