Uma Thurman’s “Kill Bill” Diet Program

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Uma Thurman’s “Kill Bill” Diet Program

Uma Thurman Points a Gun in Kill Bill

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Despite receiving numerous Golden Globe nods for films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Hysterical Blindness,” fans of Uma Thurman will always see her as the revenge-obsessed bride in “Kill Bill” who punched and stabbed her way down a list of targets and wore a yellow bodysuit while doing so. The form-fitting bodysuit in question was worn a mere five months after Uma Thurman gave birth. During her pregnancy, Uma had gained about 58 pounds. She lost the first 35 pounds without a hitch, but had trouble getting back down to her fighting weight.

Quentin Tarantino, the director of “Kill Bill,” recommended his diet program to Uma. This diet program was founded by a nutrition counselor who specializes in weight loss after pregnancy. Uma Thurman’s new meal delivery service worked so well, she not only lost the baby weight, but she also dropped down to a few pounds below her normal weight.

Uma Thurman Samurai Sword Workout

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Uma Thurman has been linked to a few other diets in the past, like the macrobiotic diet and the raw food diet, making her a possible diet-hopper. Unlike these diets; however, Uma Thurman’s meal delivery service appears to shun food deprivation. While she was losing weight, Uma was also breastfeeding, so it was essential for her to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. To keep her blood sugar from crashing, Uma ate five times a day.

On a typical day, Uma Thurman might eat a Greek omelet with tomatoes, zucchini, olives, and feta cheese. A midmorning snack might include peanut butter spread lightly on whole grain toast or fresh fruit. Uma Thurman might eat a Cobb salad for lunch. If she gets hungry in the afternoon, Uma will likely eat vegetable potstickers or an avocado cucumber roll with miso dipping sauce.

Soy Lasagna

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Uma Thurman’s dinner menu often features soy lasagna, or she might eat a pumpkin bisque soup paired with grilled garlic chicken, asparagus, and red peppers. Since Uma Thurman has a raging sweet tooth, the diet program also offers low-cal desserts to keep her cravings satisfied. Swapping out items like chocolate cheesecake in favor of low-cal desserts is a good way to structure a weight loss meal plan while avoiding food deprivation. Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day can also help keep a dieter’s metabolism revved up.

Uma Thurman enjoys staying active by snowboarding, skiing, and horseback riding. She also practices yoga and Pilates. To lose the 50 pounds, Uma complemented her martial arts training by going for walks on a treadmill. Never one to back down from a challenge, Uma Thurman often had to practice martial arts kicks for up to an hour, in addition to spending hours learning how to fight with a samurai sword.

Uma Thurman Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Omelet with veggies
  • Snack: Whole grain toast with peanut butter
  • Lunch: Cobb salad
  • Snack: Vegetable potstickers
  • Dinner: Soy lasagna
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