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Kris Jenkins Eats Cookies to Lose Weight

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Kris Jenkins On the Field

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Even football stars need to lose weight now and then, despite flinging their girth around proudly on the field with all the force of an F-35. New York Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins took it a step further. Instead of simply losing the extra poundage, he participated in a three-man weight loss contest with teammate Damien Woody and head coach Rex Ryan. Ryan was the instigator, challenging Jenkins and Woody to lose weight before the 2010 Jets’ training camp. Guess who won? Kris Jenkins, of course, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. Jenkins lost a grand total of 33 pounds, whittling himself down to 359 pounds (on most people, that probably wouldn’t be considered whittling. But the guy’s a professional football player so we’ll cut him some slack). In case you were wondering, Rex Ryan lost 20 pounds and Woody lost 26.

Kris Jenkins suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which forced him to be inactive for a period of time. Subsequently, he packed on a few extra pounds. Despite having access to the best nutritionists and physical trainers that money can buy, Kris Jenkins lost the weight with a fad diet. Jenkins cited the diet’s simplicity and quick results as the appeal; however, we expect to see him gain back some of the weight he lost. Rebound weight gain is common with fad diets because they don’t necessarily teach healthy eating habits.

Kris Jenkins used Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet to lose the weight. This diet involves eating little besides specially formulated diet cookies. On this diet, Jenkins would have eaten two 90-calorie cookies for breakfast, one cookie for a mid-morning snack, and another cookie for lunch. He would have been allowed two cookies for a mid-afternoon snack, another cookie about four hours before dinner, and his last cookie about two hours before dinner. The diet cookies are the only items that Kris Jenkins would have eaten all day. For dinner, he would have eaten a light, 500 to 700 calorie meal consisting of assorted vegetables and lean protein, such as fish, chicken, or turkey.

Kris Jenkins Tackles

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Eating nothing but diet cookies all day practically guarantees that the dieter is going to think about food all day long. Those who are prone to food binges are likely to indulge in them. The cookies themselves are 90 calories each, which means that a highly athletic guy like Kris Jenkins is simply not going to be satisfied by foregoing actual food all day long.

The diet cookies are also not terribly healthy. They have an extremely low amount of vitamins and minerals. As an example, the banana-flavored diet cookie contains a mere 2 g of fiber. But it’s also got 150 mg of sodium and 2.5 g of total fat, with 1 g of that being saturated fat. Its sole nutritional boon is the 5 g of protein in one cookie. Kris Jenkins would have been better served by consulting a nutritionist and developing a meal plan that emphasizes a fiber-packed breakfast, along with salads and lean protein for lunch and dinner.

Dr. Siegal's Diet Cookies

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Kris Jenkins’ workout varies depending on what his physical trainers require of him. It goes without saying that he jogs and sprints to get in shape. When he was recovering from an injury, Jenkins also incorporated yoga into his workouts. Jenkins also does planks to build his core strength. No word on Jenkins’ current workout now that he’s officially retired from the Jets.

Kris Jenkins Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: 2 cookies
  • Snack: Cookie
  • Lunch: Cookie
  • Snack: 2 cookies
  • Snack: Cookie
  • Snack: Cookie
  • Dinner: Assorted veggies & turkey