Adele’s Dietary Downfalls

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Adele’s Dietary Downfalls

Adele with Chignon Hairstyle

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Adele has been called a lot of things, depending on who you’re asking. Many people acknowledge that she has the voice of a goddess. After all, when your songs are covered by the cast of “Glee,” you know you’ve made it to the big leagues. If you’re Karl Lagerfeld, on the other hand, you won’t hesitate to criticize her figure. According to the fashion designer, “She is a little too fat…”*

According to Adele, she doesn’t give a hoot what she looks like, proclaiming, “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”** In that vein, she’s the first to admit that she loves food. Perhaps to the point of addiction? While Adele says that in the mornings she feels too sick to eat breakfast, her “ideal breakfast would be a big fry-up… with tinned tomatoes…”*** Instead, the British singer usually opts for a cigarette and a cup of tea with sugar and milk.

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When she’s not on tour, Adele usually has a tuna sandwich for lunch, made with white bread and mayo. She drinks more tea with lunch and follows it with a custard cream or some Jammie Dodgers, which are popular British cookies filled with jam. When she gets tired of tuna, Adele might scramble some eggs and put them on top of a bagel along with some smoked salmon.

One of Adele’s main dietary downfalls is her love of sugary, fattening snacks. While she does eat grapes now and then, Adele also has a weakness for fast food shakes. At one point, Adele bought a chocolate cake once every week, eating some of it every day.

Adele relies on other people to cook her dinner, unless she’s on the road. When she’s on tour, Adele heads straight for the fast food drive-thru. At home, she enjoys her mother’s chili con carne. While the beans in chili are pretty healthy, we’d recommend making it with turkey instead of beef, and serving it with a green salad. If Adele puts the chili over rice, we’d recommend brown rice.

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Adele’s typical daily diet is a surefire way to put her at risk for diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. This girl could really use some vegetables. If we were to revamp her diet, the first thing we’d cut out is the cigarette for breakfast. Instead, since she has trouble eating breakfast, we’d recommend a low-sugar protein shake, followed by a midmorning snack of fruit or a slice of whole grain toast with light peanut butter for protein. We’d also swap out the rich chocolate cake in favor of some high-fiber granola bars or sugar-free chocolate pudding. Adele’s tuna sandwich would be far healthier if it were made with whole grain bread, veggies, and low-fat mayo.

Adele doesn’t appear to work out at all. By her own admission, “I don’t walk half a mile a day, never mind 25!”*** That said, she has occasionally been spotted walking her English bulldog around New York City.




Adele Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Cigarette & tea
  • Lunch: Tuna sandwich & cookies
  • Dinner: Chili con carne
  • Snack: Chocolate cake
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