Kate Upton’s Love Affair With Junk Food

Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. Commercial

Image source: celebritysmackblog.com

Model and actress Kate Upton has gone from the pages of the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” to modeling for Victoria’s Secret to being filmed whilst devouring a spicy fast food burger. Do you remember the game everyone played as kids, “Which one of these does not belong?” We’ll give you a hint – it isn’t the “Swimsuit Edition.” Kate Upton has a love affair with fattening food, something that seems completely at odds with her supermodel lifestyle. In the fast food commercial, Upton sweats over her spicy jalapeno burger while daintily removing more of her clothing. Ok, so she’s a model, we’ll buy that. But Upton doesn’t limit her intake of calorie bombs to her on-camera work.

In fact, it’s been rumored that some of her friends had to stage an intervention because Miss Upton had begun to gain too much weight to model. In a 2012 video posted by the blog Pop 2 It, Upton visibly has a little extra flesh under the chin. In addition to burgers, Kate Upton’s other favorite splurges include ice cream, cupcakes, and French fries, and she tends to eat them as often as she pleases.

Kate Upton's Workout

Image source: examiner.com

When she is trying to watch her weight, Kate Upton’s been known to consult a personal trainer. When she isn’t eating fries and burgers, Kate might eat some oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch, paired with lean protein like fish, chicken, or turkey. Aside from her favorite spicy burgers, Upton typically avoids red meat. For dinner, Kate Upton often selects sushi.

It’s a good start, but this diet could use some work. Kate could add some berries to her oatmeal for antioxidants. Since Kate has a tendency to splurge on fast food, we’d recommend eating a spicy chicken burger for lunch, paired with lots of veggies. Instead of French fries, she could eat baked sweet potato wedges. Sushi is a low-fat dinner, but Kate could pair it with a salad.

Platter of Sushi

Image source: sushimag.com

Kate Upton credits her physical trainer with keeping her motivated to work out. Upton typically works out for an hour every day, making sure that she works out all of the major muscle groups. Kate Upton’s physical trainer typically puts her through cardio circuits that he changes often. She might begin by stretching with resistance bands, followed by core work on a BOSU ball, some kickboxing, and various resistance moves. Upton also does Pilates and yoga to tone her muscles.

Kate Upton Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Salad & lean protein
  • Dinner: Sushi

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