Mo’Nique Might Start Trusting Skinny Cooks

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Mo’Nique Might Start Trusting Skinny Cooks

Mo'Nique Celebrates Her Oscar Win

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Comedian Mo’Nique has always been proud of her large frame. The title of her cookbook says it all: “Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted,” which is a collection of her favorite Southern-style comfort food recipes. Never one to shy away from a stick of butter, Mo’Nique’s cookbook is stuffed full of recipes for buffalo wings, pound cake, fried pork chops, and other fattening delights. The gastronomically inclined comedian would make Paula Deen proud.

But after a trip to the doctor’s office, the self-described “fat and fabulous”* comedian was scared straight into a new diet plan. At her heaviest weight of 262 pounds, Mo’Nique’s doctor informed her that she had high blood pressure and that if she didn’t reform her ways, she could die young. Rather than being judgmental, Mo’Nique’s husband, Sidney Hicks, told her that he’d like her to stick around for a long time. That was plenty of motivation for Mo’Nique, and she immediately embarked on a new fitness routine.

Mo'Nique Shows Off Weight Loss

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To start, Mo’Nique swapped out the red meat from her diet and replaced it with less fatty sources of protein. Instead of frying her fish and chicken, she chooses healthier cooking methods. Mo’Nique successfully lost nearly 50 pounds on her diet plan. Her goal weight is 180. While she’s tried fad diets in the past (she lasted two days on the cabbage soup diet), Mo’Nique’s current healthy eating plan appears to be a permanent change.

Grilled Fish

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These days, instead of eating pancakes for breakfast, Mo’Nique might choose some yogurt. We’d recommend adding fresh fruit to that. For lunch, she might eat some soup and a salad topped with strawberries, cucumbers, and raisins, and drizzled with a dressing that contains a little oil, apple cider vinegar, and honey. Mo’Nique typically eats fish for dinner (not fried) and another salad or assorted vegetables. Mo’Nique is going in the right direction with the salads and lean protein, but she could use some whole grains in this diet, such as barley or millet.

Mo’Nique relied heavily on her workout program to help her lose the weight. She hired a physical trainer to work out with her on most mornings of the week. Mo’Nique does plenty of stretching, weight training, and cardio workouts. To keep things interesting, Mo’Nique varies her cardio. She often boxes with her trainer, or she’ll throw a football around. Mo’Nique also enjoys dancing.


Mo’Nique Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Yogurt
  • Lunch: Soup & salad
  • Dinner: Fish & veggies
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