Emily Blunt Lived on Carrots and Almonds

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Emily Blunt Lived on Carrots and Almonds

Emily Blunt Hits the Red Carpet in a Blue Dress

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Emily Blunt’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada” was the archetype of a bad role model for young girls. She famously declared that her new diet involved not eating anything at all, except for a cube of cheese when she felt as though she would faint. Fortunately, that was her character, and Emily Blunt’s actual diet wasn’t anything near as extreme. Or was it?

In an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar,” Emily Blunt insinuated that the producers of “The Devil Wears Prada” put her on an extremely strict diet (quite possibly a starvation diet). According to Blunt, she was “watched like a hawk”* to ensure that she didn’t eat very much. Very strict starvation diets are known for causing later weight gain. Emily Blunt also admitted that toward the end of the filming, she was “sneaking in doughnuts just to annoy the producers.”*

Emily Blunt Heads to the Gym for a Workout

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This isn’t the only time Emily Blunt has subjected herself to severe diets for the sake of a movie role, nor is it the only time she’s rebelled against the diet and scarfed down junk food as a result. Emily has admitted that she uses food as a form of stress relief, stating, “…you need some kind of comfort when you’re on a film set all day, and mine’s usually food.”*

This attitude toward food has led her to take “revenge”** on her diet for “The Adjustment Bureau,” co-starring Matt Damon. After staying ridiculously slender for the re-shoots, Emily Blunt was moved to tears by steamed pork buns. We suppose if we had been asked to live on carrots and almonds alone, a little bread would make us cry, too.

Emily Blunt claims that carrots and almonds were all she ate for her “Adjustment Bureau” diet. These are both healthy foods – when they’re used as a garnish for a salad, rather than the entire meal. Either her nutritionist was looking the other way, or he/she isn’t really qualified to be a nutritionist.

Bunches of Carrots

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When she isn’t working on a movie, Emily Blunt does appear to actually eat meals. She’s raved about pizzas with burrata cheese and basil. Blunt also enjoys roast chicken and lasagna.

Emily Blunt played a ballerina in “The Adjustment Bureau.” To get in shape for the role, she used intense dance practices along with her starvation diet. Emily Blunt worked out every day for six weeks. She did two hours of cardio and strength training, followed by another two hours of dance training.

*Source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/lifestyle-fashion/stylebeauty/Emily+Blunt-7338.html

**Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/07/30/emily-blunt-in-elle-uk-we_n_664894.html

Emily Blunt Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Probably not
  • Lunch: Carrots & almonds
  • Dinner: Carrots & almonds
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