Jack Osbourne’s Dramatic 70 lb. Weight Loss

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Jack Osbourne’s Dramatic 70 lb. Weight Loss

Jack Osbourne Shows Off Weight Loss

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When “The Osbournes” reality show launched him into abrupt fame, Jack Osbourne gained a reputation as a tubby teenager who chowed down on fast food, slept all day, and wouldn’t know what a carrot was if it walked up to him and said “boo.” All that changed when he discovered his one true love: high adrenaline action sports.

Jack Osbourne also had a substance abuse problem, but after he got himself cleaned up and kicked his addictions, he focused on weight loss. After stumbling through one failed diet and then an intense detox program, he seemed to have a handle on his weight loss. He lost an astonishing 70 lbs., but it seems his extreme diet deprivation during his detox program didn’t bring lasting results. More recently, Jack was seen looking a little pudgy, hitting up a fast food place.

Jack Osbourne’s first recorded diet attempt was a no-carb meal program. He liked the idea of eating bacon and eggs on a diet, but didn’t realize that he also had to give up all carbs. Kissing his beloved French fries goodbye was too much for the reality show star, so that diet bit the dust.

Jack Osbourne Jogging for Weight LossJack’s next diet was a detox program at a kickboxing camp in Thailand. He gave up all of his junk food, stopped smoking cigarettes, and abstained from alcohol. Instead, he had coffee enemas twice a day. He subsisted entirely on a liquid diet fortified with fiber for a week.

While the combination of enemas, no solid food, and intense kickboxing training saw him drop 70 lbs., such rapid weight loss is notoriously unsustainable. He’s rumored to have recently regained a little weight. However, Jack does appear to stick to healthy eating choices most of the time; he was spotted eating a salad at lunch with a friend.

Bowl of PastaA typical daily diet for Jack Osbourne focuses on one food group for each meal. For example, lunch might be a grilled chicken breast, while dinner might be a plate of pasta. (Hopefully whole grain pasta, with veggies. That carrot would like to make your acquaintance, Jack.) He also enjoys plenty of fruit, providing his body with antioxidants.

Jack Osbourne went from sleeping most of the day to a workout routine that emphasizes extreme sports. He’s climbed mountains and gone on urban adventure races, which involved swinging across a bridge hand-over-hand, among other things. He enjoys indoor wall climbing, and of course, continues with the kickboxing he learned in Thailand.

Jack Osbourne Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Fruit
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken & salad
  • Dinner: Pasta
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