Peaches Geldof Doesn’t Trust Herself To Eat

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Peaches Geldof Doesn’t Trust Herself To Eat

Peaches Geldof Flaunts New Body in Maroon Dress

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Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob Geldof, has struggled with her weight for years. The British model and TV presenter was photographed in 2010 looking a bit pudgy as she sauntered around a pool wearing a bikini. As someone who has been in the spotlight all of her life, Peaches felt enormous pressure to slim down. She recounted how looking at rail-thin, airbrushed models in fashion magazines negatively affected her body image, causing her to think “I’m so fat.”*

As a result, Peaches decided to shun solid food for an entire month. No word on how many times she’s resorted to this dangerous starvation diet, but she’s definitely done it more than once. Aside from wanting to look like a model in a fashion magazine, Peaches’ motivation for her weight loss is apparently due to her new flame. She began dating a musician, Thomas Cohen, after which she seemed to drop the weight practically overnight. Peaches Geldof went from 140 pounds to 119 pounds. On her 5’7″ frame, Peaches’ ideal target weight is about 143 pounds and a low weight is considered to be about 123 pounds.

Peaches Geldof Shows off Weight Loss

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Much like supermodel Miranda Kerr, Peaches Geldof began a love affair with her blender. Or rather, her juicer. Her new diet involves drinking nothing but juiced vegetables for about a month and shunning all solid foods. Peaches drank liquefied veggies three times daily. According to her, “I have no willpowerÂ… I will lose (weight) then I’m back going mental for the chips. I’ll juice and then I’ll eat chips.”*

One of the main tenets of weight loss is that starvation dieting and food deprivation only leads to drastic overeating and weight gain later. Peaches is no exception. In addition to binging on French fries after her juice diet, Peaches has previously admitted that she actually has recurring dreams about running toward a loaf of bread on top of a pedestal. We wish she’d realize that eating a piece of (whole grain) toast now and then will not kill her.

Vegetable Juice for Weight Loss

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On the other hand, subsisting on a juice diet can have a whole host of undesirable side effects. Her body is likely to go into starvation mode, which means that her metabolism would drastically slow down, she might experience emotional instability from blood sugar crashes, and she would likely experience dizziness, fatigue, and mental confusion.

Peaches Geldof has been rather tight-lipped about her workout regime, if she has one at all. She did mention that at one point, she was going to the gym regularly. Peaches has also been spotted taking a stroll in the park with her Golden Retriever.


Peaches Geldof Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Vegetable juice
  • Lunch: Vegetable juice
  • Dinner: Vegetable juice
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