Olivia Wilde Ditches Vegan Diet

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Olivia Wilde Ditches Vegan Diet

Olivia Wilde on Red Carpet

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For years, Olivia Wilde was a vegan. After her divorce from Italian prince, Tao Ruspoli, she decided that her diet was too strict, and that she really wanted some comfort food. The “House” actress genuinely enjoys healthier foods. However, after the divorce, she told “Cosmopolitan” magazine: “I was like, ‘I need some (expletive) cheese.’ And so I had some cheese.”*

Stress-eating is fairly common, and emotional eating in general is often an underlying cause of weight gain. The food deprivation found in ultra-strict diets can lead to overeating later. Instead, we recommend focusing on including wholesome, flavorful ingredients in meal planning, rather than focusing on what foods to exclude.

Olivia Wilde Walking Dogs

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After she discovered that veganism didn’t work for her, Olivia Wilde is rumored to have stuck to a vegetarian diet instead, with one caveat: she does eat fish. Although she’s insisted that she no longer sticks to a strict diet, Olivia Wilde has admitted that to prepare for big events like the Golden Globes, she’ll starve herself.

It’s unclear exactly how long she starves herself beforehand, but Olivia has said that she’ll only eat a banana and a sandwich so that she can fit into her dress. The end result? Olivia was so hungry during the event that she started munching on breadsticks. Clearly, food deprivation isn’t an effective long-term strategy.

Bowl of Miso Soup

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When she’s not devouring cheese and breadsticks, Olivia Wilde enjoys frozen mangoes, presumably for breakfast. She eats plenty of vegetables and also enjoys miso soup, which is made from the paste of fermented soybeans. Oliva also likes her carbs, but cuts them out if she’s preparing for a movie or an event. One of her favorite dinners is pasta, but when she’s dieting, Olivia is more likely to eat fish and assorted veggies.

Olivia Wilde stays active to maintain her trim figure. She enjoys hiking with her dogs. Wilde also does yoga and takes spinning classes, as well as exercise classes that incorporate dance moves. She also does karate. If she’s prepping for a movie, she often works out five or six days per week.

*Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/wilde-quit-vegan-diet-after-divorce_1246838

Olivia Wilde Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Frozen mangoes
  • Lunch: Miso soup & veggies
  • Dinner: Fish & veggies
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