Are You a Yogurt-Eater? Study Reveals They Have Better Diet Plans – – Can Yogurt Encourage Your Weight Loss?

Are You a Yogurt-Eater? Study Reveals They Have Better Diet Plans

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Diet Plans of Yogurt Eaters

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A 2005 study by Tufts University of the diet plans of over 6,500 adults revealed that people who regularly eat yogurt also eat a generally healthy diet overall. The yogurt-eaters typically ate less processed foods, and the non-yogurt-eaters ate more refined white flour, processed junk foods, and beer. The information available on the study did not offer a clue as to whether yogurt encouraged the dieters to eat other, healthy foods, or if the individuals were already eating healthy foods that just happened to include yogurt. Regardless, including yogurt in your weight loss diet plans is a nutritious way to fill your belly. Just make sure it’s nonfat, low-sugar yogurt. A good way to make sure you aren’t consuming too much sugar is to choose plain, nonfat yogurt, and then add your own chopped fruit, as per Dr. Gullo’s food substitution recommendations.

Yogurt offers numerous health benefits. The calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, and the protein helps rebuild your muscles after a vigorous workout. Regularly eating low-fat yogurt may also help stabilize your blood pressure levels. Many people these days are flocking to the Greek yogurt fad, with good reason. It’s delicious, and contains more protein than regular yogurt. Just bear in mind that it also contains less calcium.