Blocks of Tofu
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Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, tofu is a great low-calorie substitute for red meat that contains many important nutrients, like heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, and iron. Made from the curds of soybean milk, it’s a versatile ingredient that can take on the flavor of whatever seasonings you use with it. Some people find that they cannot tolerate the spongy texture of tofu. If you’re one of them, try hiding tofu in your favorite recipes to trick yourself into better health. You could also try freezing the tofu, which changes the texture and makes it firmer. Disguising tofu in your recipes is also a great way to trick your tofu-fearing spouses and kids into trying this healthy ingredient. Have your tofu commit identity theft by sneaking it into casseroles, omelets, and even pudding.

Smoothie (Use silken tofu and skim milk)

Mango Tofu Smoothie
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Pudding (Select a no-sugar, nonfat brand and whip silken tofu into it)

Chocolate Tofu Pudding
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Egg Salad (Hide small chunks of tofu amongst the eggs and use nonfat yogurt instead of mayo)

Tofu Egg Salad
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Casseroles (Casseroles are perfect for hiding healthy stuff like diced veggies and tofu; freeze the tofu first so that it’s easier to crumble)

Casserole with Tofu
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Omelet (Try a vegan omelet made with tofu or blend silken tofu in a food processor, then add it to the eggs)

Omelet with Tofu
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Pizza (Use a whole wheat crust and low-sugar sauce; drain smoked, firm tofu, press between paper towels, and grate it to replace most or all of the cheese on pizza)

Thai Tofu Pizza
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Pasta (Use whole grain noodles; hide tofu crumbles in the sauce along with plenty of veggies)

Tofu in Sesame Pasta
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