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Best Fruits to Buy Organic

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Assorted Fruits

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You might not think that buying organic foods has anything to do with weight loss. In fact, the pesticides and other chemicals found in commonly eaten foods can disrupt your hormone levels, which plays a role in your weight. Some chemicals can even encourage the development of fat cells. In particular, women who are pregnant should be careful to avoid excessive exposure to chemicals to encourage the child’s healthy weight later in life. Fruits like apples and strawberries are often sprayed with dozens of different chemicals like fungicides and pesticides. The following fruits, when purchased non-organic, are the worst offenders for having the highest levels of chemicals.

Nectarines (About 97% of non-organic nectarines contain pesticides)

Sliced Nectarine

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Apples (Non-organic applesauce and apple juice can also contain pesticide residue)

Apples Hanging on Tree

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Pears (These are great for weight loss because of the high water content)

Bowl of Pears

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Peaches (Almost 94% of non-organic peaches contain pesticides)

Basket of Peaches

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Grapes (Imported grapes tend to have very high pesticide levels)

Dish of Grapes

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Cherries (Paris Hilton likes these for snacks)

Cherries on Leaves

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Strawberries (If you can’t find organic, try frozen strawberries for fewer pesticides)

Bowl of Strawberries

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Raspberries (Can contain methyl bromide, a toxin that may cause reproductive issues)

Raspberries on Raspberry Bush

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