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Better Desserts for Sugar Addicts

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Light Raspberry Dessert

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It’s hard to eat a bowl of sautéed spinach when all you really want is some deep-fried Oreos. But refined sugar does more than add inches to your waistline; it can also increase your triglycerides while lowering your HDL cholesterol – the good kind of cholesterol. This also increases your risk of heart disease, along with decreasing your chances of fitting into that fabulous cocktail dress. If you have a sugar addiction, use healthy food substitutions to kick the habit. Instead of eating deep-fried Oreos for dessert, eat something that is naturally sweet, but also nutritious. It’s no coincidence that there’s a lot of fruit on this list. And if you’re tired of eating raw fruit, try preparing it in different ways (like broiling) to avoid dietary boredom.

Banana “Ice Cream” (It’s made entirely of bananas, but tastes just like ice cream)

Banana Faux Ice Cream

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Pineapple (WWE Superstar John Cena loves pineapple and other fresh fruits)

Pineapple Rings

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Broiled Mango (Try this recipe for a nutritious, sweet dessert)

Broiled Mangoes

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Healthier Cookies (Try this recipe which uses food swaps for a lower calorie cookie)

Healthy Blueberry Cookies

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Baked Pears (A low-fat, low-sugar treat that even gives you some fiber)

Baked Pears

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Superfood Popsicles (This low-cal recipe has a few very healthy ingredients)

Berry Popsicle

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Avocado Frozen Yogurt (A satisfying treat that uses zero-cal stevia as a sweetener)

Avocado Frozen Yogurt

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