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Beyond the Vending Machine

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Vending Machine with Vegetables

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So now that you’re looking beyond the usual turkey sandwich and bringing healthy stuff to lunch like turkey chili and whole wheat pitas, look beyond the vending machine for snacks to accompany your lunch or just to keep the munchies away throughout the day. Toting your own snacks to work can help you avoid the chocolate bar in the vending machine (and save some quarters). While fruit is always a good choice for a light, healthy snack, try more unusual snacks like wasabi peas or olive tapenade to introduce more variety into your diet plan.

String Cheese (Choose low-fat or nonfat varieties)

Plate with String Cheese

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Wasabi Peas (The spiciness may help prevent overeating)

Bag of Wasabi Peas

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Protein Bars (Make your own to avoid brands with tons of sugar)

Homemade Protein Bars

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Greek Olives (Typically high in sodium – avoid if you have hypertension)

Assorted Greek Olives

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Red Cabbage Slaw (Try this recipe)

Red Cabbage Slaw

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Edamame (One of Mariska Hargitay’s favorite snacks)

Roasted Edamame

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Olive Tapenade (Scoop up with pita wedges)

Olive Tapenade with Pita Wedge

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Pears (High water content helps keep you full)

Preparing Poached Pears

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Yogurt (Calcium can help the body release fat)

Bowl of Yogurt with Fruit

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