Fake Your Way to Skinniness: Bacon Products That Aren’t

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Fake Your Way to Skinniness: Bacon Products That Aren’t

Bacon Shortage Cartoon

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There’s a really good reason why many parents try to avoid bringing their youngsters to the grocery store with them. Supermarkets use smart product positioning. They put the brightly colored boxes of snacks and other bad stuff like bacon products on the ends of the aisles so the kidlets will beg and plead for them. And it’s really hard to say “no,” especially to a child. But the good news is that you can apply Dr. Gullo’s methods of food substitution, not deprivation, to your entire family’s diet and they may not even notice a difference. Instead of fattening bacon, choose fake or alternative bacon products. Your skinny jeans will thank you, and you’ll be all set for the possible bacon shortage in 2013. Check out this list of fakin’ bacon to get started on your weight loss.

Homemade Vegan Bacon (This protein-packed, heart-healthy bacon is made from adzuki beans and hulled buckwheat – cook it with zero-calorie spray and just a drop of oil instead of the amount called for)

Homemade Vegan Bacon

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Tempeh Bacon (Tempeh is vegetarian; it mimics the texture of most meats well, but it’s a little crumbly for bacon – use it in place of bacon bits in salads or use it for a vegetarian BLT)

Tempeh Bacon

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Veggie Bacon (Most supermarkets now stock a decent selection of veggie bacon products; Morningstar is a popular brand)

Vegetarian Bacon

Image source: Thehappyrawkitchen.blogspot.com

Tofu Bacon (Try this recipe to make your own tofu bacon, but try baking it in the oven instead of frying it to cut down on the amount of fat)

Tofu Bacon

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Turkey Bacon (If tofu bacon sounds like sacrilege to you, compromise and try turkey bacon products instead, but remember to read the nutrition labels and select a brand lower in sodium)

Turkey Bacon

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Smoked Salmon Bacon (You might need to order these specialty “bacon” products online, but the extra hassle and cost is worth it; not only is it much lower in fat and calories, it also has healthy omega-3 fatty acids)

Smoked Salmon Bacon

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Prosciutto (If you absolutely must eat something that comes from a pig, select prosciutto instead of bacon for fewer calories and less fat; however, it’s still not exactly healthy, so if you tend to binge on bacon, go for the fake vegetarian stuff instead)

Slices of Prosciutto

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