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Hyperactive kids + sugar overload = very tired parents. If you’re already dreading the inevitable sugary onslaught this year, check out our list of much healthier Halloween treats for kids. Halloween treats don’t need to include tons of sugar to be satisfying. Make healthy snacks for your Halloween party that fill up your kids’ tummies and they may not even notice the Snickers and M&M’s are missing. As Dr. Gullo points out, it’s not about food deprivation, it’s about food substitution. It’s also a good idea to plan plenty of Halloween party games to burn off some of the kids’ energy (and calories). Disguising fitness activities as games is a good way to trick your kids into becoming more physically active – just like disguising educational or speech therapy activities as games. Some fun fall activities for kids include a potato sack race, capture the ghost (instead of capture the flag), and dancing with Halloween-themed music.

Spider Eggs (The hard-boiled eggs give the kids protein and curb their appetites)

Spider Eggs
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Vegetable Skeleton (Arrange sliced veggies to resemble a skeleton – use celery sticks for the limbs, pepper strips for the ribs, etc.)

Vegetable Skeleton
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Scary Faces (Turn nonfat cream cheese orange with food coloring, spread lightly on whole wheat English muffins or pitas, then use raisins to make a face – you can also do this with pizza sauce, nonfat cheese, olives, and pepper strips to make scary faces mini pizzas)

Scary Faces on English Muffins
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Snack O’Lantern (If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, try these healthy Halloween treats using carved oranges)

Snack O'Lantern
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Edible Eyeballs (Serve these instead of candy eyeballs – use nonfat cream cheese to reduce calories and fat)

Edible Eyeballs
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Jack O’Lantern Smoothies (This creative treat sneaks in two different fruits)

Jack O'Lantern Smoothies
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Boo-nanas (Peel bananas, slice them in half, dip in low-sugar OJ, roll lightly in shredded coconut, add two raisins to each for eyes and slide on a popsicle stick to resemble ghosts. Freezing is optional.)

Boo-Nanas for Halloween
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