Should You Try The 3-Hour Diet? | Dr. Stephen Gullo

Should You Try The 3-Hour Diet?

By April 8, 2016 How To Lose Weight No Comments

The 3-Hour diet sounds like it advises dieters to expect miraculous weight loss within three hours, but don’t get your hopes up. The creator, Jorge Cruise, advocates eating small meals and snacks every three hours to keep the metabolism revved. In his diet plan, no foods are banned. Cruise has one part of the problems with food restrictions down pat. However, his diet relies on portion control. After all, you won’t lose weight if you eat a three-course dinner every three hours. Dieters would have to rely on willpower to stick to small portions—not easy and also not recommended. However, the rest of the 3-Hour Diet’s principles seem pretty sound.

The 3-Hour diet offers help with meal planning. It encourages dieters to fill their plates with fresh veggies or fruits, a source of protein, and a source of carbs (we’re assuming that the “carbs” category refers to grains, since veggies and fruits also contain carbs). Aside from the portion control flaw, the diet’s other major downfall is that it does not encourage physical activity. This is intended to customize the plan for those with joint problems or other medical conditions that prohibit many forms of exercise. However, even those with joint problems would benefit from water walking or water aerobics, with a doctor’s approval. One reviewer of the 3-Hour diet also points out that the creator insists that a person’s belly fat will be burned off first. However, spot reduction is simply not physically possible. So as with any ‘fad diet’, take the good and ditch the bad.