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Hayden Panettiere’s Free Diving Diet

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Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Handbag

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Hayden Panettiere is a vegetarian primarily because of ethical reasons, rather than health reasons. While you certainly can be an omnivore and still enjoy a low-fat diet, vegetarian diets are known for having a very low amount of saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. That is, as long as you don’t fill up your plate with French fries and onion rings instead of salads and veggie burgers. Read More

Adriana Lima’s Dangerous Victoria’s Secret Diet

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Adriana Lima at Victoria's Secret Event

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Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima was ready for the runway a mere six months after giving birth to her daughter, Valentina. Although she claimed it was a cinch to lose the extra pounds, Adriana had the benefit of a physical trainer and two-hour workouts once or twice daily. The supermodel has also been known to embark on crash dangerous diets before big shows. Read More

Ruben Studdard Becomes a Vegetarian

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Ruben Studdard Singing

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It’s practically a prerequisite for those born south of the Mason-Dixon line to be in love with fried chicken, chicken-fried steak, and fried… well, everything. But after Ruben Studdard released his gospel album, “I Need an Angel,” the former American Idol contestant was hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia. His health problems instigated a serious self-evaluation. Read More

Olivia Wilde Ditches Vegan Diet

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Olivia Wilde on Red Carpet

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For years, Olivia Wilde was a vegan. After her divorce from Italian prince, Tao Ruspoli, she decided that her diet was too strict, and that she really wanted some comfort food. The “House” actress genuinely enjoys healthier foods. However, after the divorce, she told “Cosmopolitan” magazine: “I was like, ‘I need some (expletive) cheese.’ And so I had some cheese.”* Read More

Mandy Moore’s Farmers’ Market Diet Plan

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Mandy Moore on Red Carpet with Dog

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Many young adults who grow up in the limelight get into the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. At times it seems like it’s practically a prerequisite to do a stint in rehab. In contrast, Mandy Moore’s idea of letting her hair down is taking in a late musical. Her down-to-earth attitude has served her well when dealing with the pressures of Hollywood to stay thin. Read More

Tori Spelling’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Tori Spelling at Book Signing

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Tori Spelling knows a thing or two about weight loss. To date, she’s been pregnant three times, and she has successfully dropped the extra pounds after each pregnancy. Some have said she’s been a little too successful at it, and rumors abound that she has an eating disorder. Tori Spelling has insisted that she’s never struggled with anorexia, and judging from her post-pregnancy weight loss plans, we tend to agree. Read More