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The Problem Isn’t Your Stomach – It’s Your Brain: Why Willpower Rarely Aids Weight Loss and What You Can Do About It

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Problem with Portion Control

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Have you ever eaten a meal, felt totally stuffed, and then become hungry again just a few hours later? The problem isn’t your stomach; it’s your brain. According to a recent weight loss study, a diet that is high in saturated fat and refined sugar can change the chemistry of your brain. As Dr. Gullo has been telling his patients for years, the psychology of weight loss is just as important as the physical changes. The weight loss study was conducted by Terry Davidson, the director of American University’s Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. He found that the changes that this type of diet causes in the brain leads to an overconsumption of yet more saturated fat and refined sugar. Furthermore, the thought suppression that occurs in the brain’s hippocampus is negatively impacted, which means that a dieter’s thoughts can drift more toward unhealthy foods. This is why relying on willpower and portion control for weight loss simply doesn’t work.

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Can Color Therapy Shrink Your Jeans Size?

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Blue Food as Appetite Suppressant

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Some people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the latest weight loss techniques – everything from the wacky (Hula Chair) to the just plain lazy (Power Plate). But if you’re like most of us in today’s economy, you’re pinching pennies and trying to live on less, and the last thing you want to waste your money on is some weird dieting gadget. But could you really boost your weight loss for the mere price of a bucket of paint? As Dr. Gullo has been saying for decades, losing weight is not just a physical process, but it’s also a psychological process. And since willpower tends to fail, finding little ways to trick your brain can help. This is where color therapy comes in. A recent study has discovered that the color of your plate and the general environment in which you eat can affect how much you eat.

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Fake Your Way to Skinniness: Bacon Products That Aren’t

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Bacon Shortage Cartoon

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There’s a really good reason why many parents try to avoid bringing their youngsters to the grocery store with them. Supermarkets use smart product positioning. They put the brightly colored boxes of snacks and other bad stuff like bacon products on the ends of the aisles so the kidlets will beg and plead for them. And it’s really hard to say “no,” especially to a child. But the good news is that you can apply Dr. Gullo’s methods of food substitution, not deprivation, to your entire family’s diet and they may not even notice a difference. Instead of fattening bacon, choose fake or alternative bacon products. Your skinny jeans will thank you, and you’ll be all set for the possible bacon shortage in 2013. Check out this list of fakin’ bacon to get started on your weight loss.

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Bad Diet Food: Surprising Sources of HF Corn Syrup

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Dangers of Corn Syrup

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Companies often live or die on their market research and advertising, so it’s not surprising that companies that peddle bad diet food would try to make it appear as though it’s actually healthy. This is why fast food companies are claiming their products are the freshest around (as if “fresh” means “fewer calories”), and it’s also why the Corn Refiners Association launched an ad campaign trying to convince consumers that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is really no different from regular table sugar. But there is a chemical difference, and HFCS can add to your abdominal fat and triglyceride levels above and beyond what ordinary sugar would do. Companies like to add HFCS to an incredibly diverse range of products because it’s cheaper than regular sugar. Use Dr. Gullo’s meal planning techniques to avoid bad diet food, such as products with HFCS.

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The Pitfalls of Pumpkin: Halloween Treats That Pack on the Pounds

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Pumpkin Treats

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Sugar-packed candies aren’t the only Halloween treats you should be scared of this fall. When dieters review their food histories using Dr. Gullo’s proven weight loss techniques, a lot of them may find that they are stress eaters. There’s a lot to stress out about these days – from frighteningly high student loans to rising crime rates, and everything in between. But before you reach for your favorite Halloween treats, check the nutrition information. Real pumpkin is a superfood, but most pumpkin-flavored pastries and other Halloween treats are little more than gut-busting sugar bombs, with little to no actual pumpkin in them. If you’re craving pumpkin, reach for a whole gourd, carve it yourself, and roast it, and season it with herbs instead of sugar. And avoid the list below of some of the worst “pumpkin” treats.

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Can You Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss?

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Sleeping for Weight Loss

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Many of us dream of a magic bullet solution to cure all our problems. It would be great if you could take a pill to melt away the pounds, get the annoying guy from human resources off your back, or get the kids to actually do their homework on time. But recent studies have indicated that one easy way to boost your weight loss is simply to get enough sleep. We all know that sleep is important; it can boost your immunity and fight away the common cold, and it definitely helps you concentrate better the next day. But sleep might also aid your weight loss efforts.

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Is a High Carb Diet Raising Your Risk of Alzheimer’s?

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High Carb Diet

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Seniors already have a lot on their plates. They’ve seen their 401ks and other retirement plans shrink during the economic downturn, and they may have even had to tap into retirement funds before they officially retired. Seniors also have to worry about the future of Medicare, and many of them are diagnosed with chronic health conditions later in life, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now, a recent study has linked a person’s diet to his risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, a high carb diet may boost a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s about fourfold.

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A Sugar By Any Other Name: Are You Sugar High?

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Addicted to Sugar Cartoon

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Certain things in life are meant to be complex. The theory of relativity, for example, is something that only a select few geniuses can claim to truly wrap their heads around. However, your diet should be pretty simple. Otherwise it’d be difficult to follow and you’ll be more likely to fall off the wagon. When you use the diet planning techniques from Dr. Gullo’s book, your meal plan shouldn’t read like a confusing white paper on Virident FlashMAX M1400 MySQL, for example. So why are nutrition labels filled with words you can’t even pronounce? It seems as if manufacturing companies like to make up complicated words for plain old “sugar” so you won’t even realize you’re heading for a sugar high. Becoming thin begins in the supermarket, so it’s time to break out the dictionary and decipher all that mumbo-jumbo on the ingredients lists. When you learn some of the common and alternative terms for sugar, you can much more easily avoid an afternoon sugar high.

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Can Vitamin C Trim Your Belly?

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Vitamin C Cartoon

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Those of us who aren’t exactly spring chickens any more understand the value of vitamins for the skin. An exfoliating scrub and a vitamin C treatment can do wonders for your skin tone and texture. But it turns out that vitamin C may also revitalize your belly. When taken internally, that is. A recent study found that people who took 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily for six weeks enjoyed decreased cholesterol, insulin, and fasting blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is essential for weight loss. How many times have you eaten a doughnut, gotten a sugar high, and then crashed hours later and reached for another doughnut? When you’re using Dr. Gullo’s methods of meal planning for your weight loss diet, include some of the following surprising sources of vitamin C.

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Recipes for Weight Loss: Does Your Chili Measure Up?

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Chili Cook Off

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When the weather turns chillier, many of us turn to heavier comfort food recipes. Hearty stew and chili might warm you up on a cold evening, but they’re not exactly the best recipes for weight loss. Ground beef is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Revamp your favorite recipes for weight loss. Instead of beef chili, try low-fat ingredients like chicken, turkey, or squash. Remember Dr. Gullo’s weight loss techniques: thin begins in the supermarket. Stock your kitchen with flavorful, low-fat ingredients and plan your meals in advance to avoid temptation. Try the recipes for weight loss below to satisfy your chili cravings. Always select low-sodium canned beans and tomatoes; high-sodium meals can make you bloated. Read More