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Why Weight Loss and Soda Don’t Mix

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Soda and Weight Loss

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A lot of us drink entirely too much soda. Any soda at all, really, is too much, particularly when you’re following Dr. Gullo’s diet for weight loss. But sometimes it’s hard to see the trees for the forest, and if you’re a student in college, for example, you’re probably more worried about paying off your student debt than the effects of soda on your tooth enamel and waistline. But now, a request has been issued to slap a health warning on sodas, and the request came from a coroner, which in itself should tell you an awful lot about the health effects of soda. Coroner David Crerar of New Zealand looked into the demise of a 31-year-old woman and mother of eight. The immediate cause of death was a heart attack, but her dietary habits warrant closer inspection. Apparently, she drank so much Coke that she acquired metabolic imbalances that led to heart problems. In the months prior to her death, the woman experienced extreme fatigue, a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, and general malaise.

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Why Are Fewer Americans Cutting Fast Food from Their Diet Plans?

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Fast Food and Diet Plans

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It’s pretty obvious that fast food in people’s diet plans contributes to the obesity epidemic in America. And cooking at home using healthy food substitutions as per Dr. Gullo’s recommendations instead of eating out constantly is a great way to accelerate your weight loss. But even as the numbers of overweight and obese Americans continues to climb, we are apparently eating less fast food in our diet plans. According to a recent survey by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, adults are consuming about 11.3 percent of their total daily caloric intake from fast food. This is a 12.8 percent decrease from data compiled from 2003 to 2006.

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Multitask with Your Diet Plan! Must-Try Foods This Winter for Dry Skin

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Dry Skin Diet Plan

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It’s almost time for the Oscars again already, and this year, people have the option to tune in on their mobile devices. However you plan to watch it this year, let’s face it, most people watch it to criticize what the stars wear and try to figure out how they make their complexions glow. But instead of throwing your money at the face cream aisle, head for your grocery store and add some skin-friendly foods to your diet plan. The foods that are great for weight loss, like dark, leafy greens, are also great for your skin. Remember to write down your grocery list in advance, as per Dr. Gullo’s meal planning strategies, and never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry – those cake mixes can be too tempting.

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7 Dessert Recipes to Die For: Sneaky Ways to Eat Brownies on a Diet

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Dessert Recipes with Chocolate

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Successful weight loss is all about finding what hinders you from reaching your goals, and then finding solutions to those problems. Successful sales people will tell you that you need to eliminate your “but” statements (i.e. “I would quit eating dessert, BUT…”). If you’ve got a sweet tooth, dieting can be particularly challenging. So instead of depriving yourself of your favorite dessert recipes altogether, give them a makeover. Substitute stevia instead of sugar, unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, etc. Or, get new dessert recipes that are friendlier for your diet with the list below. This list is specifically for brownie lovers. Just remember that if your food history indicates that you tend to binge like crazy on brownies, you might be better off skipping them altogether and enjoying some sugar-free pudding instead.

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Honor Your Lenten Obligations with These Simple Recipes

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Simple Recipes with Fish

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Certain aspects of life will always evolve and adapt to current times. Depending on your job, for example, you probably bring a Smartphone, tablet, and multiple other electronic gadgets to work with you to keep up on the latest trends. But other things have probably stayed the same for you for years, like serving fish sticks during Lent because it seems so much easier than marinating salmon fillets. Change your attitude toward Lenten-friendly foods with this list of simple fish recipes. These simple recipes are not only diet-friendly, but Lent-friendly, as well. Some of them do require measuring out a bunch of spices; if that doesn’t appeal to you, just guesstimate it with a few shakes of the spice container.

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The Incredible 644-Lb. Weight Loss: How Paul Mason Did It

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Weight Loss and Obesity

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“The World’s Fattest Man,” Paul Mason, has lost an impressive 644 lbs. The 52-year-old Ipswich, England native weighed 980 lbs. at his heaviest. His recent weight loss is thanks to gastric bypass surgery, which he underwent in 2010. The motivation for his weight loss was apparently a 2002 hernia operation. The operation itself wasn’t the problem; it was the way in which he got to the hospital. Because Mason was physically unable to leave his room, the fire department broke down the wall and used a forklift to put him in an ambulance.

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World Cancer Day: Is Meat in Your Diet Plan Killing You?

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Diet Plan for Cancer

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If you follow Dr. Gullo’s blog regularly, you’re probably already aware that February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and hopefully you’ve redesigned your diet plan to include heart-healthy foods. But did you know that February 4th was designated World Cancer Day? This lesser known designation had some calling for warning labels on meat products, and perhaps with good reason. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 30% of all cancers in Western countries are associated with a poor diet plan. And processed meats, which include sausage, ham, and everybody’s favorite – bacon – has a very strong tie to bowel cancer. So is meat in your diet plan killing you?

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7 Healthy Valentine’s Dessert Recipes for Your Sweetheart

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Chocolate Dessert Recipes

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For many people, pulling off the perfect Valentine’s Day date, complete with decadent dessert recipes, is a highlight of a relationship. Particularly when your significant other tends to Tweet and post pictures and videos of every little moment. But just because you’re feeling the pressure to pull off a perfect date night doesn’t mean you have to wreck your diet plan. There are plenty of romantic dessert recipes for the holiday that will satisfy your honey’s chocolate cravings for fewer calories. Check out our recommendations below or browse for your own. Remember to apply Dr. Gullo’s weight loss strategies of food substitutions; instead of sugar, use stevia, for example.

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Is Your Diet Plan Decaying Your Teeth? Best and Worst Foods for Your Smile

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Oral Health Diet Plan

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If you’re planning to be a bit more flexible with your diet plan this Valentine’s Day, bear in mind that there is more than just your waistline at stake. Chocolates and candies may be romantic, but they’re not so great for your teeth. And there are few things less romantic than a mouth full of decaying, rotting teeth. Studies have also shown that a mouthful of bad teeth will make your potential employers consider you a “bad hire.” But fortunately, the same foods that are great for your diet plan are also great for your teeth. Some foods can actually help promote a cleaner mouth. So while you’re devising your diet plan with Dr. Gullo’s weight loss strategies, don’t neglect these great foods for your smile. I’ve also pointed out a few of the foods to avoid like the plaque.

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7 Must-Try Elegant Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

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Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes

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There seem to be two camps of people: those who pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day, complete with card, candy, flowers, and elegant dinner recipes, and those who question whether they really need to observe it. Word to the wise: even if your significant other claims not to care about Valentine’s Day observances, get her some flowers anyway. Trust me. Now, on to the dinner recipes. In these tough economic times, more people are dining in more frequently, which is great news for your weight loss efforts. You’ll be able to control the calorie count and fat content when you cook your own food. Dining out isn’t an absolute must on Valentine’s Day; just try to prepare dinner recipes that are a touch more elegant than the norm. As always, modify your recipes as needed with Dr. Gullo’s food substitution methods.

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