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Janet Evans’ Olympic Comeback Diet

As a competitive swimmer, Janet Evans knows a thing or two about staying in top shape. The distance freestyler won gold medals at both the 1988 and the 1992 Olympics. After the 1996 Olympics, Janet Evans decided to retire. But like many who have reached the pinnacle of their profession, Evans found it [...]

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Nicole Barnhart’s Farmer’s Market Diet

Nicole Barnhart began her soccer career playing for Stanford Cardinal in college, where she holds the Stanford women’s record for lowest career goals-against average (that’s a good thing, for those of you who don’t watch soccer – Nicole is a goalkeeper). She began playing with the U.S. National Team after the 2004 Olympics, [...]

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Lenny Clarke Loses the Buddha Belly

A while back we posted an article about the impact of friendship on one’s weight. When you hang around heavier friends, you tend to eat more, and vice versa. Actor and comedian Lenny Clarke is living proof of that. At his heaviest, Lenny weighed 388 lbs. “People were coming up to me and [...]

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Ana Ortiz’s Breastfeeding Diet

Ana Ortiz is best known for her role on the fashion-centric show, “Ugly Betty,” in which she played Betty’s sister, the extremely talkative Hilda Suarez. Ana is also an accomplished singer, but before her singing and acting careers, she wanted to become a professional ballerina. She did ballet for eight years, but switched [...]

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Niecy Nash Likes Her Jiggly Parts

Carol Denise Nash, more commonly known as Niecy Nash, has enjoyed an eclectic career. She’s provided the voice of Mrs. Boots on the children’s animated series, “Slacker Cats,” acted in a Comedy Central TV series, and hosted a cleaning show on the Style Network. Her attitude toward weight loss is similarly varied. She’s [...]

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Kyle Massey’s 18-Lb. Weight Loss

If you’ve got tweens in the house, you might remember Kyle Massey from the Disney shows, “That’s So Raven” and “Cory in the House.” He’s also lent his voice to the animated series, “Fish Hooks,” which explores the lives of adolescent fish living in an aquarium. But if you are kid-less or they’re [...]

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Kevin Love’s 25-Lb. Weight Loss Diet

Professional basketball players are pretty tall and lean. Carrying around a little extra weight means you might run a little bit slower than the other guy, which might cost you a basket or two. Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love is considered to be one of the top rebounders in the NBA. However, like [...]

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Natalie Coughlin’s Olympic Diet

Every four years, Americans are glued to the TV set for the Summer Olympics. We love watching records get broken and athletes reaching incredible new achievements. Natalie Coughlin is no stranger to this; she’s considered one of the greatest female professional swimmers of all time. Natalie has won the World Swimmer of the [...]

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Abby Wambach’s Favorite Sandwich

Mia Hamm and David Beckham are two of the most widely recognized names in professional soccer, but Abby Wambach is giving them a run for their money. Time after time, Abby has proven herself to be resilient and up for any challenge, whether it’s convincing teammate Hope Solo to do the worm as [...]

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