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LL Cool J’s Bodybuilding Meal Plan

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These days, LL Cool J is better known for his role in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” but he also put in his time rapping on a stage, sans shirt. When you’re shirtless in front of thousands of screaming fans, it helps to have ripped abs. Back in 2002, Mr. Cool James was keenly aware of this when he realized that he was getting just a little bit soggy around the middle. He recruited an old friend (who was also a physical trainer) to help him drop 15 lbs. of fat and build up his muscle.

LL Cool J Doing Push-Ups for ExerciseWhile LL Cool J was never seriously overweight, he knew his diet needed an overhaul. He managed to hit the sweet spot with his food strategies: he watches what he eats, but he doesn’t obsess over every morsel, nor does he deprive himself. LL Cool J recommends eating small meals and snacks six times a day. He follows a food chart that labels foods according to what he should eat most often, eat now and then, and eat once in awhile. Naturally, the “eat most often” category is chock-full of healthy protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Much of LL’s carbs come from fruits and veggies.

A typical daily diet for LL Cool J might consist of oatmeal or an omelet for breakfast, fruit for snacks during the day, and a veggie wrap with chicken or turkey for lunch. He also eats plenty of salads and assorted vegetables with his meals. LL loves fish for dinner, which is low in saturated fat, and has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

Veggie Spinach WrapThe only way to describe LL Cool J’s workout routine is intense. Seriously intense. The man does not take a break. He runs, boxes, does lots of circuit training, and he dashes up hills wearing a weighted vest. He jumps rope, lifts weights, and bicycles. You name it, he’s probably done it. LL began his relentless fitness regimen while on tour, so there wasn’t a second to waste. He’d stop the bus, get out and run as fast as he could, and then move on to the next concert.

LL Cool J Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal or omelet
  • Snack: Fruit
  • Lunch: Veggie wrap with turkey or chicken
  • Dinner: Salad & fish