Rex Ryan Loses 100+ Lbs. Without Changing Diet

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Rex Ryan Loses 100+ Lbs. Without Changing Diet

Rex Ryan on the Field

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Some things are best kept to yourself for a little while. Some people prefer not to share news of a pregnancy right away; others wait to discuss job offers until they’re in the bag. Rex Ryan took this approach with his weight loss, presumably because he didn’t want to jinx it. Although people kept asking the famed NY Jets coach about his slimmed-down figure, Rex refused to talk about it until he’d broken the 100-lb. mark. Rex Ryan has long been known for his rather portly figure. At his heaviest, Ryan weighed about 340 lbs. He’s fluctuated now and then, losing a little weight but gaining it right back. Rex Ryan is also no stranger to fad diets.

A while back, Rex Ryan tried the cabbage diet, but promptly regained the weight. Then, he dropped 20 lbs. in five days with a liquids-only diet, but of course, experienced rebound weight gain. That much weight in less than a week is pretty darn extreme – most of it had to be water weight. Rex Ryan’s problem with his weight appears to be an addiction to food. While he hasn’t used the word “addiction,” Ryan has admitted that he has a rather extreme fondness for food. In fact, an assistant striving to keep him on track with his diet once confronted Rex about a pizza he was lugging back to his hotel room. Rex informed him that the pizza was for his son. This turned out to be a lie.

Rex Ryan Weight Loss Before and After

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Since Rex couldn’t get over his love affair with food, he decided to have Lap-Band surgery. Gastric banding is done by wrapping a ring around the upper portion of the stomach to make it smaller. A port is left in place under the skin so that the band may be adjusted later if needed. The doctor can add saline to tighten the band and restrict food intake even more, or remove some saline to accomplish the opposite effect.

Rex Ryan has successfully dropped more than 100 lbs. after his weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to have changed his eating habits much, if at all. He is not able to consume nearly the amount of food that he once did, but Rex still resorts to his junk food favorites. For lunch, Rex might have a slice of pizza. Not exactly healthy, but it’s still worlds away from the entire pizza that he previously would have devoured. His all-time favorite food is Mexican. If he dines at a Mexican restaurant for dinner, he might order a chimichanga and split it with his wife. Chimichangas are essentially deep-fried burritos. Rex Ryan has also been known to wolf down a cheeseburger and beer after a successful Jets game. He hasn’t been as talkative about his breakfast menu, but he previously drank veggie juice for breakfast on his all-liquids diet.

Deep Fried Chimichanga

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Rex Ryan’s diet still contains a great deal of fat. Part of the problem with weight loss surgery is that every bite has to count. Dieters can’t eat that much at a time anymore, so it’s essential that they eat quality, nutrient-dense foods that the body needs. If Rex Ryan has trouble finding vegetables like broccoli appealing, he might try roasting them in garlic for added flavor. We’d also recommend that he work to address the underlying psychological issues associated with his love for food – something that surgery simply can’t fix.

In addition to his weight loss surgery, Rex Ryan began including some physical activity in his daily routine. He walks for at least 45 minutes per day, and even has aspirations to start running soon.

Rex Ryan Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: ?
  • Lunch: Pizza
  • Dinner: Chimichanga


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