Ellen Degeneres’ Diet Secrets For All-Day Energy

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Ellen Degeneres’ Diet Secrets For All-Day Energy

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As the voice of Dory in the children’s movie, “Finding Nemo,” Ellen Degeneres exhibited a dizzyingly high-energy personality. She even won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in the animated film. When Ellen was interviewed for the cover story of “Shape” magazine in 2010, she revealed how she maintains her unflagging energy levels: by eating a low-sugar diet. Some people eat sugary treats to get an energy boost, even though it makes their blood sugar levels crash a few hours later. Ellen Degeneres finds that when she avoids candy and cake, she’s able to maintain her high energy level throughout the day.

Ellen Degeneres didn’t always have such a healthy diet. She used to love eating cheeseburgers, steaks, fried chicken, and other fattening foods. When she was younger, Ellen gained some weight. She later realized that it was intentional, and that her underlying issues with weight gain stemmed from being molested as a child. In her own words, “I put on weight as a barrier, as protection, to keep people away.”*

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When she decided it was time to lose the weight, Ellen Degeneres hit a roadblock. She found that the extra pounds stuck around until she decided to do away with temporary diets and make healthy eating a lifestyle choice. Along with her wife, Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres made the switch to veganism a few years back. She avoids all animal products, including dairy and honey. Instead, Ellen gets her protein from legumes and substitute meat products.

Ellen Degeneres has stated that she particularly enjoys eating soups, rice, veggies, and legumes. While she’s not forthcoming about her favorite breakfast foods, her website lists some delectable options. Judging by the recipes Ellen has posted, she often enjoys a breakfast casserole made with diced peppers, green onions, potatoes, firm tofu, vegan cheddar cheese, and vegan “bacon.” She saut├ęs the ingredients and then bakes it in a casserole dish. This breakfast provides protein to help kick-start the day, and helps Ellen meet her daily veggie quota.

Bunches of Grapes

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For lunch, Ellen Degeneres might eat a vegetable and bean soup, paired with a salad. Ellen’s favorite snack is a bunch of grapes. For dinner, she might eat some vegan spaghetti noodles with meat substitute meatballs. Other healthy dinner options include black bean burgers or vegan tacos with plenty of veggies. This diet has plenty of veggies and protein, but Ellen’s fruit intake appears limited. We’d recommend some melon after dinner or an apple for a midmorning snack.

Ellen Degeneres isn’t shy about making her fitness routine public. She’s demonstrated her push-ups while she was a guest on Jay Leno’s show. And she even challenged Michelle Obama to a push-up contest on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” When she’s not publicly displaying her affection for push-ups, Ellen Degeneres enjoys yoga classes. And since she’s a comedian, of course she has to make fun of it. “I first started doing power yoga in L.A., which really makes no sense. Power yoga? It’s the opposite of what it should be. Yoga should calm you down!”** Ellen has also been spotted kayaking, and she makes no secret of her love for spontaneously dancing on TV.

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Ellen Degeneres Sample Daily Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Vegan breakfast casserole
  • Lunch: Veggie & bean soup & salad
  • Snack: Grapes
  • Dinner: Black bean burgers & veggies
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