Bowl of Cooked Millet

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Millet is a cereal grain. It is often grown in arid regions of Asia and Africa. Millet tends to thrive in areas in which other crops do not readily grow. It is a tiny, round grain that comes in yellow, red, white, or gray colors. Millet is a great grain for vegetarians because it contains both fiber and protein. The fiber makes it an ideal food for any weight loss plan, since fiber helps keep your stomach feel full for a longer period of time. If you choose millet for weight loss, you’ll get 3 g of protein per 1/2 cup. The same serving size yields about 100 calories and negligible amounts of fat. Supermodel Petra Nemcova paired millet with vegetable juice for her weight loss plan.

This whole grain can help support your cardiovascular health. The magnesium in the grain may also help alleviate asthma and migraines. It also contains niacin, which can help reduce cholesterol levels. Millet and other whole grains can also help reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Rinse millet thoroughly before cooking. Simmer 1 cup of millet with 2 cups of water or broth. Fluff and serve with dried fruit. Or, try using millet flour in your baking recipes.

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