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Often, bacon is one of the first foods to get chucked in the trash when you start a weight loss diet – with good reason. Calorie counts vary across brands, but the average slice of bacon could have about 80 calories, about 63 of which come from fat. It’s also loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol and sodium. We all know we shouldn’t eat it, but it’s just so darn irresistible. If you’re one of the millions of fervent bacon enthusiasts, it can be difficult to give up your beloved BLTs entirely. While bacon maniacs might consider it sacrilege to eat fake bacon, using this healthy food substitution can keep you on the right track with your weight loss while allowing you to avoid food deprivation. In addition to the healthier swaps listed below, pile your BLT high with plenty of dark green, leafy veggies and fresh tomatoes.

Bread/Rolls (Skip the 120-calorie bread slices and opt for reduced-calorie rolls or Sandwich Thins to cut your calories from this ingredient in half)

Rolls on a Baking Rack
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Turkey Bacon (Less fat than the real deal, but it can still have a lot of sodium; select a reduced-sodium brand)

Package of Turkey Bacon
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Soy Bacon (Even better than turkey bacon; compare the nutrition labels of several brands before selecting one)

Soy Bacon Package
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Tempeh Bacon (Commercial brands are available if you prefer not to make your own)

Plate of Tempeh Bacon
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Bean Bacon (Yes, you really can make fake bacon from adzuki beans – a good alternative for those who prefer to avoid commercial fake bacon)

Plate of Adzuki Beans
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Vegan Mayo (Make your own to control the sugar content)

Homemade Vegan Mayo
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Avocado (Spread a little on your roll for B vitamins and healthy monounsaturated fats)

Sliced Avocado
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