Are ‘Healthy Foods’ Ever Really Bad For You? | Dr. Stephen Gullo

Are ‘Healthy Foods’ Ever Really Bad For You?

By April 26, 2016 How To Lose Weight No Comments


You may have seen a similar headline before: “7 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For You.” The idea here is that dieters have somehow been tricked by the dieting industry and by fad diets into thinking unhealthy foods are actually healthy. While that may be the case with certain fads like the Master Cleanse—deprivation is never healthy—most of these claims about ‘healthy’ foods actually being unhealthy are just plain false.

Take this new article published in the NY Post (below). It claims that eggplant is bad for you so you should substitute broccoli rabe instead. Aside from the shoddy science (replacing eggplant with broccoli rabe would hardly be an improvement because broccoli rabe frequently contains arsenic, as do a number of cruciferous veggies), the real problem with this article is that it overdramatizes the so-called “dangers” of eating these healthy foods. The truth is that any food can become unhealthy if you eat too much of it. Also, the emphasis in the article is on substituting one food for another when the real emphasis should be on understanding the food history of the person eating the food. That is what ultimately determines success or failure at weight control.

This article is a perfect example of what passes for advice in the diet field but is simply contributing to people’s weight problems. Fat people know what and what not to eat. The problem is they can’t stop eating.

Source: NY Post